Tuesday, July 22, 2008

American Girl, Here We Come!

It was girl's day out in celebration of Lexie's 8th birthday on Saturday. We went with our girlfriends to the movie "Kit." It was sooooooo good! Even the Mommy's had a blast! Lexie went as "Ruthie", and Maddie, as "Kit." Can you tell? :) She had her new "Julie doll in tow,
and we even had strangers comment on how they knew "who" they really were.
The rest of the day was alot of fun too. Daddy made Lexie her dream breakfast complete with strawberry pancakes and we just enjoyed the day and all the fun it brought. As you can see, she's also totally into monkeys. Yes, "our little American girl" is eight years old, and growing up way too fast! We love you princess!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sad Sundays

It's always sad when Daddy leaves for the week, but it's extra hard when he has to leave Sunday nights. I cried tonight, and here's a pictues of Keilah Grace "sleeping with Daddy" when she was inconsolable last week. She finally stopped crying when I offered her a picture of Daddy (who she was crying for) and drifted off to sleep. Maybe I'll try that tonight. Thursay night, please come quickly.