Saturday, August 23, 2008

I felt the need to change up my blog since the last color combo was a complete accident. I'm not a blue person at all, unless I'm picking out soap in which case, I love Lever 2000, but only the blue kind.

The next week involves alot for me, and a nice little to-do list for Jared as well. We talked Jared's parents into taking the older five munchkins for a few days so we, but mostly me, can get something accomplished before school begins in a week and a half. Besides going over their curriculem AGAIN, and getting all their things together for the first week, I'm going to tackle some cleaning and organizing projects. You know, the things that never get done more than once or twice a year like finaly getting rid of the dust balls on the fan. I've only watched them whir by for the last few months, not really caring in the least, but NOW, NOW that school is starting, I must clean and organize. I must. I must. I feel as though I'm nesting, like before you have a new baby. Maybe it's nerves. Maybe it's just my freakish personality. Nonetheless, so as not to have a nervous breakdown the first week of school, I must clean and clean some more. With only two little people to take care of, I hope I can get lots done. Please let them take long naps God... Well, The list crossing off begins tomorrow, I mean today. It is 1:15 in the morning. I thought I'd better start out with a clean pallet - house picked up, laundry going, dishwasher run... Wish me well, and Grandpa and Grandma too! :)