Friday, September 5, 2008

The Continuing Saga

Well, this is the very unfinished downstairs, but we make do and live down here just as we would if it were finished, just a mite colder in the winter. Ok. Alot colder. The family room has had to transition a bit and share some space with my latest find, my $40 garage sale table and four chairs. I painted it along with the children's preexisting table set black and distressed it, and I feel as though I have brand new furniture again! I can't wait to start finishing the basement, but we know we'll be glad we waited to do it with cash.
The table has been great for schoolwork and other projects. The Lord gave us very nice neighbors, ok, the world's best neighbors and they gave us their tv and entertainment center which really came in handy, so I could use our amoire for our school stash. I've slowly transitioned to black frames downstairs and had fun with the craftly little balls on my entertainment center. Some of them actually light up with white lights! Nice for the family room on movie night! Well, I just have the kid's rooms left because I doubt the laundry room, bathroom, and toy room excite anyone at this point because they too, are unfinished. Maybe tomorrow? I know you're holding your breath. :) By the way, just in case you're wondering, no, my house harldy ever looks like this. I would like it too, but I chose to have children, and 5/7 of them were gone last week with Grandpa and Grandma so I could get SOMETHING DONE! Thanks Chuck and Joni!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wish I was Here

Sleeping I mean. But that's due to baby#7.
Anyway I did manage to make my bed today, so here's the bedroom and our bathroom. I know, I know, the TV STANDS OUT LIKE A GREAT BIG BEDTIME MONSTER! E-mail my hubby. I'll work on that meek and quiet spirit.
The bedroom is pretty small, so we can't rearrange too many ways. Ok, this is it. And I love to arrange. But unless I'm willing to put the bed or something in front of the window, this is it folks. We chose to maximize our space in the main living area, and who needs a monstrous room anway? Ok, maybe it would come in handy when all 7 children end up in our room for one reason or another. Ya, you know the kind of night if you're a mom.

The Little Girl's Abode

Here is Keilah Grace and Sophie Claire's Room. It's come along a bit this summer. I think the only remnant of a boy is the dinosaur in the crib. Oh well it's functional. It palys music, and she likes it. It stays. :) Not much to say about this one. I'm looking forward to changing this one when Sophie goes into a bed. I need a change from the spread on the bed. It was Lexie's when she eas a toddler a mere 6 years ago. Good shape though, for a Penney's find. I bought the crib bedding at a pottery barn outlet in the Cities, and for the entire set (sheet,bumper,skirt,and quilt - mismatched mind you) was around $50. - (a complete steal if you ever look at those pottery barn catalogues!)
The latest additon to the room are the words above the crib. Only a $12 project. I had free labor! My Hubby! So patient was he to put up with me. "Left, No right!" I love him so.
Goodnight for now. Tomorrow, I'll show you our room, if I make the bed...

The Main Drag

Here is my Kitchen and Dining Room along with my gorgeous child, Harrison. Yes, he is a boy. No, it's not a hockey haircut. I just have a hard time cutting those curls off his adorable head on purpose He has 5 older siblings, one younger... if the past means anything, I'm sure one of them will do it for me.
Now, on with the "tour de le whatever." I love everything we chose for our home, except the flooring. It looks pristine when clean. The dark wood is so striking when you see it - CLEAN THAT IS. But we live here! So it's hardly ever clean. It shows everything, but for right now, it's an unchangeable. I love my imperfectly perfect curtains. I still have to glue fringe balls down the side, and the perfectionist in me still wants to hem everthing, but I keep telling myself, No! No! That it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. The curtain ideas along with many others came from my blogger friend, the Nester. She is worth the scrollin' down my friends! And hopefully, she doesn't think I'm some sort of stalker. Anywhoo, the fabric in the kitchen was like 10 dollars on clearance. Actually, I cut premaid curtains and then just found cute ribbon at Hobby Lobby. The Dining Room curtains are made from a fabric I fell in love with from a discount warehouse, but with the Nester's "help," they turned out beautifully! (and Roxy's too :)) Well, that's it for now!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Living Room

Here's the main bathroom/the kiddos domain. And no, it's not always this clean. Just today, I cleaned up more than one potty mess, but enough about that. Yes, I'm already one peg too short for the towels, but I love green and brown so this lil' room makes me happy. I found my cool new topiary fro $5 and the cute bulb thing on the toilet for the same price at an upscale decor shop on clearance a couple of weeks ago. Clearance is one of my favorite adjectives. What's yours?

I love my living room. I love the golden suede accent walls... Thank you Sarah! I love putting out my fall decor. I think it suits my home's colors the best. I especially like my thrift store birdcage I spent $1.75 on. I need to fall it all up with leaves or something. So much to decorate, so little time. Any creative ideas ladies? I know, the iron keys next to the iron arch is a bit much. I need to mix that wall up a bit, but haven't any epiphanys yet. I don't know if I spelled that right at all. MMMmmm. I think I should call it a night. More on my home tour tomorrow. By the way, I'll take pictures of it next week when it's in it'as natural state - lived in - with seven kiddos!

Monday, September 1, 2008

"De Home Le Tour" or whatever...

After Chuck and Joni, aka Left with 5/7 of our kiddos last week, I got busy, and was able to cross several things off my long list of to-do's before school starts tomorrow. Thanks to them, and my dear friend Leanna, I was able to clean and organize to my heart's content. I started with my porch where I had to deal with over 15 pots of once beautiful flowers and put them to rest until next year and this was the end result. The survivors of the last few weeks of hot weather, and a neglecting plant mama. Like my wreath though? 80 % off at Micheals! Just 7 buckaroos! Can't make it for that! I had to put new rugs in the entry after my sweet serving hubby was helping me carry a five gallon bucket of blue dyed water and dropped it all over our stairs and entry last weekend! Thank godness for laminate! We both just laughed, after he looked at me worriedly, and ran for towels. Good thing I picked these duplicate rugs up last year for 75% off. Just 12 and 15 buckaroos! More on what I got done tomorrow!