Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I asked#6, aka. Keilah Grace, if she was the one to put Froot Loops down the heater vent today. She told me "no." I knew she had done it, so I informed her she was getting a spanking for lying to Mommy. (If you tell Mommy and Daddy the truth, you forgo the spanking at our house.) She then proceeded to tell me she just wanted a little one - not a big one. "Oh," I said, "lying is a big deal, and you get a big spanking for lying." Keilah Grace then happily replied, "Do I get a bandaid?!" I'm sensing this could go in the wrong direction if you get my drift.

Labor Day Weekend!

We had a great time over Labor Day weekend. We tok in alot of sun and water, and made many new memories. Most of our time was up at Jared's grandparents' lake home where Brady tested his new fishing rod, the kids swam and jumped off the dock with Auntie Jenn, the kids tubed and tubed some more with their "cousins", Daddy waterskied, Maddie mastered wakeboarding for the first time, and the kids enjoyed Great Uncle Jon's boat rides. (They are super fast, too fast for adults! Well, this one anyways.) We celebrated Madeline's 7th birthday, with a cake from Grandma Joni, and last, but not least, Sophia got lots of cuddles from all the Great Grandmas and Great Aunts. Can't wait till next time family! We love you!

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Amazin' Farmyard

We gathered in Eden Valley, Mn. with my sis and her family for a great time at the Amazin' Farmyard. I highly recommend it. It's alot of fun, and for a farmyard, very germ conscious, with sinks and antibacterial foam everwhere. My very "green" family had a great day petting all sorts of animals, and the place also had some very kid friendly outdoor games like a huge fair-style slide complete with potatoe sacks and a maze that we never really figured out. We were hot, but there was a nice breeze. It was a great way to "end" the summer chaos. That, and a trip to the lake, but more on that TOMORROW. I'm whipped.

Children's Choir Concert

Here's Lexie and the other children singing at church a couple of weeks ago. They were a part of a children's choir, and had a weekly practice over the summer. They had alot of fun, and it was nice for Jared and I to hear our children singing new and old songs about our Saviour!
Brady was adorable from the time he walked down the aisle to perform to when he sat down. He kept waving at us! (as you can see.) And Austin, was really singing his heart out, but looked downright angry in his concentration mode. You should have seen his face! It was hilarious!
Keilah Grace was glued to Grandpa and Grandma the moment she saw them. She wouldn't even budge a smidge on the pew for a freind to sit beside her. As soon as her lil' friend walked up, her legs went up on the pew, and out into the splits. I could hardly contain my laughter, as I told her that wasn't being nice to Ruthie. - She still didn't see it that way. She cracks us up when she isn't being naughty!

Cowboy Up and Cowboy Down...

Harrison turn 18 months this week, and is a little tornado these days! He's constantly dragging things out of drawers!
Our Cowboy loves his sister's boots and we could swear, he says, "Mom, I'm thirthy." It's so strange! He really does want his sippy when he says that! He's also saying "car" among other babblings.
Thank goodness he's a long napper and here's where I found him the other day after I left him upstairs while I switched a load of laundry. He loves his family of blankets, which I might add, have a definete pecking order. He loves his NICU blanky followed by his chenille favorites. I, on the other hand, love my Gymboree blankies. Why don't any of my babies fall in love with those? Well, my baby needs a haircut. Even I, know it's too long when I can put "piggies" in his hair.
I love this age so much! He's still very much a baby, but with tons of personality. Somewhere around 9 months, I fall in love all over again. It must only last until they're 2 1/2 though. Mmmmm... Keilah Grace's age.
Well, I'll try and get you all caught up on our very busy lives this week. More Later!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Thee End"

This is the end of "le tour de home," or whatever. And no, it is not this clean anymore. Maybe I'll post some REAL LIFE photos later this week. Now, that would be interesting don't you think? I heard it once put that it could actually minister to someone's heart if we were just more honest about what our lives and yes, homes, really looked like on a real day. So invite that friend in who just stopped over without calling. Who knows? You might be encouraging her heart in a very real way when she realizes that no, you don't have it all together all the time!

Girls room: furniture/shabby chic resale shop on clearance (painted the bed and nightstand myself with $3 clearanced paint with help from cousin, Mandy. Love you girl! I love the real school locker for all the girl's arts and crafts! I also fell in love with the fake flower knobs on the dresser pulls. It adds so much cuteness to a little girls room, and it's super cheap!

The boy's room: dresser #1 was Jared's grandmothers. Love it. A good friend did a beautiful job repairing it and refinishing it for me. We'll definetely keep this one in the family!
dresser #2 was a dumpster find all beat up, but again, shined up pretty nice once refinished by another good friend. Our house has several free pieces scattered throughout that have been huge blessings from the Lord! My blogger friend, Jill, found my cool western nightstand at a garage sale for $5 buckaroos, which actually ended up free, cause' she wouldn't let me pay her back! Thanks again!
Well, I hope I haven't bored you all comletely, but I just wanted to let everyone know what can be done when 5/7 of your children are away at their grandparents' house for the week! :) Have a great day - No, CHOOSE to have a great day! "This is the day the Lord hath made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it."