Monday, September 15, 2008

Field Trips, Game Night, & The Big H....

Yes, the "big H" implies Homeschooling. And Yes, I'm sure I swore I'd never do it. And Yes, it's scary, and crazy and feels insane at times with seven little ones, but here we are committed to it for a year and we feel a peace EVEN ADMIDST THE DAILY STORMS. And yes, I just started 3 sentences with and, which I know you're not supposed to do. I'm trying to teach my kiddos the basics and then some, and we've already had some challenging moments, some tears, yes, even a snap or two or three... But you know what? The last two and half weeks, I've spent real times with my kids beyond the assembly line that can be commomplace here at times. We read and snuggled, we've stayed up later without a hernia on my part, I'm not running around in the car all day long, and I've actually, - hold the phone, done projects with my kids. Not me. We've experienced a wonderful field trip to the children's hospital, enjoyed a game night with other homeschooling families, and on average spend 6 hours with doing school. My nights are later, my mornings earlier, butI'm loving and enjoying my kids better these days. I don't know if this will be something we "do" every year. It does have it's downsides. We know. We were both homeschooled at different times. It not a perfect world. It does create other issues. I feel like I can tell you what it is not, but not really what it is. Ask me in January. Ask me in May. But I can tell you this. I do not need discouragement, only encouragement. Like you, we love our children more than anything, and would only do what's best for them regardless of how it inconviences us. We had a really nice experience with public school. Our children may end up back "in" one day. But for now, we are living day by day, harried moment by moment, trying to soak up our children before they are gone. Give us wisdom Lord, as we seek to train these precious gifts for your glory giving them a solid education and a love for You and Your work on earth.

Mini Pizzas and Sprained Noses

These were a hit last week at our house and the kids had fun devouring them. You could snazz them up I spose', but the kids love the basics! English muffins, pizza paste, cheddar cheese, and good ol' pepperoni. I did spice them up a bit with oregeno. Did I spell that right?

If you start with the last photo, and work your way up, you'll see the progression of Lexie's nose incident. Yes, yet another ER visit for the Rivers! She ran into a chain linked fence at 0ur Sunday school picnic. And boy, was it a bleeder. "NO Blood, No Tears!" is a motto at our house, but she got in a well-deserved cry with this owie! The doctors thought for sure it was broke, but after 3 checks on the x-ray machine, we were sent home with a cool pic of her slightly crooked nose. I hope they're right! It's now healing just fine, and turning all yellowish purple but I FORGOT TO TAKE ANY MORE PICS! aAUUGHHH!

4 Months Old

Hi everyone! I'm four months old now. I smile all the time, and I have a soft spot for Brady and Daddy! I'm getting very long and started to reach for toys last week. I like sitting in my Bumbo Chair and I get the giggles at night. (I laughed for the first time last week!) I like taking walks with Mommy outside in my snuggli, and have the cutest whail, well, most of the time.... :) My shirt here says, "Someday, I'll demand a pony."

Ruthie and Lexie

Lexie worked hard and earned herself Ruthie! (an American Girl doll)
Jared and I are just as thrilled! No more pull-ups! Yaaaa! It only took 8 years. There's hope for all you bed strippin', sheet washing, sick and tired mamas out there!