Monday, September 29, 2008

Summer Ends Swell

August brought my dear friend Rebecca, and her two little ones to visit along with her very brave younger sister. (to help out with crowd control of course.) We had a very good week if you forget the no sleep factor. The babies had a tough week, but the mamas made the best of it, and managed to make many new memories together. Karis weaved her way into Austin's heart rather quickly and Keilah Grace who is tough as nails and not won easily, finally managed to "make nice" by the end of the week. Harrison and Gabby were two peas in a pod, and Becca and I even got out a time or two for old times sake. Thanks Faith!! Friendshhip is sweet, and it's rare that life brings about a friend that invest time and time again over the years, so I really cherish my girlfriends who do that for me. I love you all! But this is to you Becca/Robin. Over and Out - Batman