Saturday, October 18, 2008

Girl's Weekend!!

Last month, I set out for Iowa to meet up with a group of childhood girlfriends. We have all known each other since we were babies. Our moms were actually all pregnant together. (Well, except Becca, but we've known her since our tweens.)
We had a wonderful time and made many new memories together. We ate alot of yummy girl food, laughed alot, and got past all the foof talk, and jumped right in to the real stuff. We bonded once again, and each one of these ladies is so very precious to me! It was fun for the kiddos to meet and play too! We hope they'll be good friends as the years go on. We collectively decided to do this every two years Lord - willing, so I know I'm already on the countdown. We shopped a little, ate out a time or two, (We even dressed up all fancy schmancy once...) but mostly lounged around at Becca's and visited without all of life's interruptions. Well, mostly that is. Gabby and Sophie got along rather well, and we enjoyed their company too!
Becca's sister, Noelle, who is an amazing artist, spoiled us by doing her artwork on our toes. Can you guess who's who's? :) They fit our personalities. We also enjoyed an evening with Anna's parents, Paul and Barb Bonstrom, who are an amazingly loving couple who we all grew up around, and we even allowed Anna's hubby, Dean, into the weekend for dinner. WEll, we were at HIS house. :)
I hope you all put the effort it takes into some godly friendships in your life ladies. They are priceless and few and far between. The kind of friendships where you can laugh your head off and pee your pants and they won't tell anyone. The kind where you can bear your soul and share your heart for real, all your joys and hurts, and even scars, and they listen and then they challenge you to go to go the Word and do the right thing - no matter what. And even if we fail, and I know I do, they still love you, scars and all. I love you "Beth", "Amy", and "Meg." Luvs, Jo

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sometimes... Love Really Does Make The World Go Round

Need I say More?

5 Months Old

5 months old has brought frequent smiles, funny expressions, and giggles when Mommy tries to sing opera and incorporate stomp dancing at the same time. Sophie enjoyed her first plane ride with lots of wild compliments from the stewardesses. But that's their job right? Our pumpkin is getting stronger on her feet, and loves her saucer these days. Wow, we're almost to the half-year mark! Till then, Sophie's over and out. (Literally, it's her bedtime.)

Guess Who??

Nope it's not our sweet Sophie or Keilah Grace.... It's our lil' Hair Bear, the night before his haircut. I just had to do this when I realized I could! What a cutie, but if I do say so myself, he makes a better looking boy than a girl!!

Madeline's Tea Party!

Madeline turned 7 and celebrated with friends over tea, cucumber sandwiches, cheese and crackers, chocolate dipped strawberries, and strawberry shortcake. She chose the menu and her friends learned the "proper way" to accept or decline tea. The party ended with all the frilly girls on the bikes and wild wagon rides. We surprised Maddie with "Kit" the next day who showed up at the front door. She is just like our Maddie, writing and illustrating stories constantly. It's been fun for Mommy too -reliving her girly side with dolls and dress-up. I loved both worlds as a little girl! Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?