Saturday, October 25, 2008

Simple Addition

Daddy + Mommy + Lexie + Maddie + Brady + Austin + Keilah Grace + Harrison + Sophie = 9
But, we'll be adding to our equation next year sometime. More on our latest "problem" later!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Here's Keilah Grace cruising on her big girl bike. She loves dresses and dollies, but get out of her way when she's on a mission! She can cruise with the rest of the pack. Her little legs just go, go, go!
Brady was sooo excited to get a bigger bike, and Mom and Dad were thrilled when a couple from church offered it to us free! The gal had found several on clearance for $12, and just bought them all and have given them away to people as the Lord led them. What an awesome blessing. It's even more cool to us because we had just thought about buying him one on clearance ourselves, ( although it wasn't AS great a deal) but we decided to wait because even good deals need to be passed up when there's no mulla for it... :) Anywhoo, I'm positive the Lord blessed that desire by providing this bike for Brady through this other couple. I could go on and on of how many different times things like this have happened. He is so faithful in providing for our needs and then some!