Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Canonballs, Bellyflops, and Wedgies

The kids were so excited to go swimming at the hotel when we joined Jared in Bismark for a couple of days in October. Can you tell here? We had a blast watching them muster up the courage for the HUGE waterslide that even went outside the building and tried to capture some firsts on film. Austin and Keilah Grace are fearless, this we knew and now know. Lexie and Brady conquered their waterslide fears. And as for Maddie, she'll do anything at least once, but poor thing always ends up with a wedgie. Watch out, Cannonball!!!

Caramel Bliss

I love making these apples this time of year. For some reason, we missed this tradition last year, and so we all dove in this year - literally!

Here Comes Trouble!

Need I say more?

#1 Boy.
#2 almost 2.
#3 Boy. (oh, I already said that.)

E & B

These two are two peas in a pod. They get along wonderfully, and have from the time they were small. Ethan is Jared's cousin, Amanda's child. Did you get that mouthful? Even I had to read it twice. Here they are making their mean hockey faces. Too much sugar maybe? Thanks again for letting us crash your place Mandy! We have some good memories.

The Pumkin Patch

The Pumpkin Patch comes highly recomended here. It was great fun with friends, and an absolutely gorgeous day. We enjoyed a wagon ride through a "haunted" forest, and the kids ran through, or should I say on top of a haybale maze. They had a small barn full of animals for the kids to enjoy. Keilah Grace found the goats of course, and Maddie is in love with the Bison now. We ended the time picking out a smallish pumpkin in the "patch" they had sprawling out on their lawn. I really do like this time of year and would probably relish it more if I knew winter wasn't just around the corner. I guess fall is officially over, and after I get Thanksgiving posted, I promise to catch you up with more recent times.

A Little Late

Ok. I know this is like two months late, but I was really happy with my porch at the time. In hindsight, it was better in person. I needed some heighth to my gourd/pumpkin collection on my haybale. And now that it's Christmas who really cares?