Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Moments Like These

Keilah Grace: Mama, where's our new baby? (I was hanging over the bathtub washing her, and my tummy was eye level with her.)
Me: (after composing myself in a second) Member', Baby, mama's new baby is in heaven with Jesus now.
Keilah Grace: Oh, God's taking care of it now.
Me: Ya... He is.

Children see things clearer than we do sometimes and have a simple pure faith that is so beautiful.

Found my mini stocking all red and velvety as I was hanging the rest of our family's this week. We've always hung it, either for the newest baby such as Keilah Grace, but most of the time over the past 8 years, (6 of them to be exact) I've been pregnant, and we hang it in the baby to come's honor. Maybe this year, I'll hang it still. This time, in memory of what would've been. It's sweet to know though, that because of Christ, and the hope that HE provides, I can have peace and comfort, knowing I will meet that baby one day.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Picture Perfect?

Ya right. Nine people. 8 whiny people. Yes, it was cold. Ok, freezing, but that wind really didn't help matters. Notice Lexie's hair. I really thought about sending out the last one, It's closest to our family's most natural state. The kids not really paying attention to our bribery - "look at the camera and smile please!!!!" Some pouting, Jared looking well, I'm not sure if that's stressed or in a calm natural state... Hmmm. And me, well, at least I'm not threatening anyone in this one. Thanks again Suzanne! Our sweet and might I say brave neighbor really did try her best, and if it weren't for that wind, we might've scored in the Christmas card department. Oh well she get's an A+. Her subjects, well, we do not!

Monday, December 8, 2008

My Green Goat Birthday!

Keilah Grace turned 3 yesterday and we certainly enjoyed her unique birthday. Oh, I tried to sway her into something girly and pink, but she would not waver. She must have a green goat birthday. In case you wondering, no, there is no green character goat out there, she just loves the color green and is totally infatuated with goats. Weird and precious all at the same time. :)Here she is with "Puffy." It's hard to find stuffed goats out there, but I'm determined by Christmas time my friends! Help please! She enjoyed her day of meals picked out by herself. Supper consisted of Spaggetti, green salad, green jello, green invisible koolaid, and yep, her goat cake, complete with green ice cream. Yes, I made it, and yes, I am aware that it looks like a child did it. I have no talent in this area, but at least it tasted good. We all wore green in her honor, and I think she was as happy as can be that night complete with her best bud, "Rufie." (Ruthie) we love you Keilah Grace, and I hope you have fun at Grandma's!