Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Lowdown On Laundry

This pile is actually the equivalent of two loads of laundry, my last two for the week. Yaaa! It also has to be pretreated mind you, if I can even hope for all the stains to come out. We go through at least one bottle of Shout a week, the BIG ONE from Sam's! Yikes!

I have a load in both of these overworked and underpaid ladies. Thank goodness for a top-loading washer with LOTS OF SPACE!
Alas, my drying rack is almost always covered with lots of these. And now, this time of year, I have lots of coats, hats, and mittens to wash after the children find the lone patch of mud in the yard with all this snow!

1 weeks worth of lauundry at the Rivers: notice the towels piled high on the tables in the back, and don't forget what you just saw above, cause' I wasn't done yet! And oh, the bedding was actually on the beds already after I pulled an all-nighter, the only way I can seem to get anything done these days.
I've decided that when my little people stop peeing and pooing, can make it to the toilet to barf, and eat like a person instead of cookie monster, I might have less laundry, but then again, I will have 7 teenagers at one time. I'll keep you posted, that is, after I do my five loads for the day.

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas...

Well, it's taken me longer than any other year, but I'm finally all decked out for the Holidays. Where does time go? I was slightly tempted to not do any of this but, decided to give in and just put the work in. I hope my family enjoys it! I got rid of things that I really didn't love last year, so I didn't have as much , but except for my lonely looking piano and that banister above it that are screaming for some greenery, I am happy with this room. Ok, the birdcage needs embellishment too, but I can't get that silly small door open for the life of me! I love after Christmas clearance and thrift stores so they'll have to wait, cause I'm not paying full price!

This snazzy looking reindeer in the window was actauly a dumpster dive find from my sis-in-law Stacy. Yes, I still have it Stac! Who would ever throw him away just because he's missing a pearl on one of his antlers? You guys couldn't tell either!

I put a few of my dishes to use I just have sitting in my cupboard for the most part cause' they're specia glassy type dishes I don't use very often, but I love how they help me out this time of year! My wreaths in bth my dining and living room window werea project Katie Shorma helped me out with years ago when I was on bedrest with Brady! Super cheap ladies and easy for this non-crafty girl!

Very subtle here, but that's how I like it, noty too overpowering. I don't want it to take me till March to take it all down! I mostly like Greenery and more greenery. Then it's more of a wintery feel, not just exclusively Christmas. What does your home look like at Christmas? We're all curious!