Friday, January 16, 2009

Andover Christmas

Grandma is always so patient with the kids in the kitchen. The girls flock to her when we're there!
They all enjoyed making candy suckers in fun shaped molds. Aren't they pretty?

Keilah Grace and her chocolate aftermath after Grandpa's birthday dessert.
Grandpa paid the girls to doctor his ailments. I need a new job!

Sophie loves her Daddy and his snuggles!

Grandma's Girls - These two favor this Grandma in their looks. You can't even tell baby pictures apart!

We love you Auntie Jenn! ... Poor Harrison.

Brady, Ethan, and Austin gobble down lunch. Yummy Strogganoff! Sp?

Eating Snow. Didn't you do that as a kid?

Keilah Grace and her newfound buddy, Noah. (Her cousin) They paraded around with their lion and puppy all week. It was so adorable to watch them imagine and play together.

The crew showing off their new jammies Grandma made them. Aren't they cute. My personal favorite so far!

Thee End!

Finishing Up Christmas

This is our last full day together... Don't you love these sweet brown and pink cupcake outfits? Sophie even has a tu-tu! (She's sleeping.) I love Gymboree!
Well, I'm finally getting around to finishing up Christmas/my mom's visit.

I forget what day this is, but my mom and I enjoyed a bit of shopping by ourselves and then took the kiddos to the new movie, uuhh... the mouse one. Oh ya, "The Tale of Desperaux" It was excellent! What a good message, and without any hidden junk they tend to put in movies for children. Worth it to own it for sure! We don't go to the theater very often so this was a big treat for all of us! Thank you Mom!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Day In The Life

This was not the best day. I'm tired. I think I qualify for that.
I tried to do school with the children. One in particular informed me she would never homeschool her children. I think that sounds like a good idea today. The other, with a look of horror, told her,"But what if God tells you to?" So like her to be worried about the Lord's will already. I had to smile.
I picked up, and picked up some more. Lots of poop and barf around here lately. Still not caught up, I needed to make my third trip to the pharmacy for medication since our little upset last night with Mr. Allergic. Kids crying, shnauzing, (boogers people) begging and nagging for treats from Target as we germed up the aisles on our way through the store to the pharmacy. Yes, we are the ones who get you sick people. I'm sorry. Truly sorry. But I'm not paying a babysitter so I can go to the pharmacy for the third time. Me, getting disgusted looks from people as we literally wail our way to the checkout. Me ignoring them, shoving gummi bears into Harrison's mouth so as to get a reprieve from the "look lady."
Finally, we're in the car. It's healthy McDonalds tonight!
Me driving again, this time crying to myself. I've missed my baby Faith this week. I wish I was having my 20 week ultrasound and getting my 3-D picture. I would've been feeling him by now all wiggly and squirmy.
Me noticing #1 daughter doesn't have her seatbelt on AGAIN. I tell her she's grounded for a week from TV, (which is quite a big deal to her) and that she never knows when a car accident will happen. I no sooner said this, than I slid my backend into a ditch as I was turning. You gotta love rear wheel drive. Now I'm crying. We were at quite an angle. Madeline's carseat was tipped over if that helps paint a picture. Sophie's screaming. Children all hungry and scared. Me? I don't have my phone with me. I couldn't find it before we left. It's beyond a shovel digout. Yaa. I walked the short distance to a house to make some calls. To make a long story short, thanks for rescuing me Jalon! I sang a short version of "Did You Ever Know That You're My Hero" on the way home in your honor. I promise it was short.
I cried some more on the way home as I lectured some more on the importance of seatbelts and limbs useage. She's still grounded for a week.
Me. I'm home and chilled to the bone. I've given 5 doses of antibiotics and put my highly whiny children all to bed.
I need to go back to Scheels Home and Hardware and buy me that "Faith" ornament. My heart needs it.
I better get back to my barf and poop laundry. See you in May.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Going for a Record

Yes, I think I may have beaten my "Harrison Day's" record this week.

7 children. 2 clinic visits. 5 positive strep tests. 1 case of tonsilitous. 1 allergic reaction to amoxocillin. 1 scary ER visit. 1 tired boy. 5 sick tummys. 1 continuous vomiting child. Lots and Lots of icky laundry and scrubbing down of floors and toilets and handles and anything that I can lysol and bleach. = 1 tired mama , who by the way is feeling sick to her stomach.

Is it summer yet?