Friday, January 23, 2009

Peanut Butter, Pusspockets, and Miss Pitiful

Today I 've slathered my child with peanut butter to remove the gum that was covering the entire right side of her head, which by the way was taken without permisssion before bed. Lovely. It only 10:30 am.
Even lovelier, is that I hacked up my pusspockets from my strep. YAaa! Sorry if that's TMI, but hey, I'm a mom, and I celebrate these things.

On another note, this was an exchange around 10pm last night with Keilah Grace.

KG: "I don't want my new doggy from Target." (She's kicking and thrashing in bed while wimpering)

Me: Mmmm. We can give it to Harrison.

KG: I want to go to the Zoo. I need my nuky! (Waaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiillllll)

Me: Oh, but you can't have your nuky after the goats have had it in their mouths.

KG: Yes I can. I will wipe it off. We will give it a bath.

ME: (giggling... I couldn't help it!) Oh you poor baby. She really is pitiful in her mourning state.

... I'm very tempted to give those nuky's "a bath!!"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well, I made my fourth trip to the pharmacy again in the last week. Target told me their running out of colors for our bottles. (They color-code the caps with rings.) Lexie has strep AGAIN. I have a new-found sense of sympathy having just had it myself. Knife-like pain when you swallow people. Poor kids. Thankfully, I can swallow again without any pain after my third dose of meds. Yaaa for antibiotics!
Anywhoo, so I'm just back to being behind on my laundry and housework. It's been all I can do to get a good day of school in. Between our "worker man" at the house taping our bathroom,(Yaaa!) and all of us sickies, it's been nuts around here. I took messy pix of the house today, and I promise to make you all feel better about your lives when I can post them. My camera's broken, so you'll have to wait!
Brilliant me decided to "take" Keilah Grace's nuky away this week. We boxed her precious "gukys" up and sent them to the baby goats at the zoo. (Really. I did.) She even put them in the mailbox herself. Well, the fun of all that has since worn off, and we're on day 2 of no nap Keilah Grace and me rocking her to sleep. Mmmmm. Maybe, I'll go to the Zoo tomorrow, and track down those goats. Wait; I didn't put any postage on that box...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our "American Girls"

Look out! Here we come American Girl! This year Jared and I had so much fun planning a surprise Christmas present for the girls and their dolls. It's an amazing experience, and even Jared had fun despite all the pink!

They're on their way!
The grand entrance! And is it ever grand with two stories complete with every accessory you could ever dream of for a doll, not to mention the restaurant, salon, craft room, and on and on!

Despite the view here, I really think this one is sweet.

Our waitress was amazing and brought the girl's "dolls" pink lemonade! Aren't the highchairs adorable?

The food was a bit spendy, but the portions were huge, and it was actually very good!! The fruit kabobs were in cute shapes too.

My two sweeties!

We signed up for a free craft day. Check out thier schedules. They do this every so often to bring people in! It was Felicity's "lantern." (a toy that she would've played with in the 1700's) Very educational if I do say so myself... one of the many reasons, we think the steep prices are worth it. I'd rather encourage our little girls to be well, little girls! The world wants them growing up too quickly! The dolls and products are very good quality, but they teach the children history at the same time! I could write an excellent review. I'm so pumped about this company, and I could write a short novel about their customer service!

Their top picks - an outfit and a fashion kit. Yep, that's Maddie with her fashion kit.

Ooohhh! This was really fun too! The staff there is phenomanal! They speak directly to the girls like they're sooo important!
I actually did Lexie's hair like this for Christmas!

An amazing day with lots of sweet memories with my little girls. I know they won't be little forever. Time is going by so fast... We love you "Ruthie and Kit!"