Friday, March 13, 2009

Surveying the Aftermath

Kinda Norman Rockwell looking right?
Look again. This side of the house is almost completely unaffected - until we get neighbors Jared says...

The amazing drift between our house and the neighbors...

Here's where all our little noses were pasted after the big blizzard that hit our area this last week. They were taking it all in from the window because the wind chills were still -4o!

The beloved Honda which we seriously thought about just letting it melt out...

But, we did have mercy.

It was freezing out! Kinda scary too...

Something out of a bad dream. Glad I'm not a pioneer and didn't have to feed the cows.

The Big One!

To shovel or not to shovel, that is the question.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Construction Zone

Well, here she is... the basement in all her glory, or lack thereof. But she's wired and sheetrocked and ready to be taped and textured this week! Then a big paint party at my house the next week. I'm just glad there aren't any vaulted ceilings or precarious ladders. Aren't you Lois and Sarah?
The dust this has created is absolutely unbelievable! The downstairs is a warzone, but the upstairs... who would've guessed? That quickly became a mess too, thus the coverings over the couches and wall to wall furniture. I don't do clutter well, but I take deep breaths and know it will all be worth it come April!
Needless to say, I'm still trying to catch up on my laundry - this is only about half of what's left. Oh well, I will say, It's been rather convenient having the dressers right there in the living room as I fold. It actually gets put away! Shocking I know!!
As for our schoolwork, most of it is sitting in these boxes, and we're still plugging away. I'm trying to decide if I've liked doing our work upstairs. I could get away with letting go of some furniture if we decide this works. I'll let you know. I am planning a Mondo garage sale for May!
As for the finished bathroom, now it's covered in sheetrock dust, and needs cleaned from top to bottom, so you'll have to wait for the big reveal next month!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

10 Plus Months

Here she is a bit late, but I finally did buy a new memory card folks.
She's busier than ever now that she began crawling and pulling herself up on things. Burning those calories wears her out and she has to sleep with her puppy too, "Cinnamon." Thanks again Joshua!
Gotta Love Elmo butts! Did I just say that? :)