Saturday, March 28, 2009

God Leads Us Along

This song has come to my mind many, many times over the past few days. Here's a small portion taken from the chorus of "God Leads Us Along."

"Some through the waters, some through the flood,
Some through the fire, but all the through the blood,
Some through great sorrow, but God gives a song,
In the night season, and all the day long."

This chorus sums it up for me. The Lord brings different trials into each of our lives, but the blood of Christ bonds us together and is even able to bring great good out of all the sorrow that surrounds our community in this time of crisis.

Jared came home Thursday evening from his normal out of town travels to a somewhat panicked community. New reports of higher predicted crests were given after an already long week of work, that was now just seeming to begin. We loaded up tired kids and made the trek around town for food and water/emergency supplies as we realized it could now affect us. The kids began to pick up on the tension, as Fargo/Moorhead was an absolute zoo of backed up traffic. We got home around 9, put them to bed, and Jared left to help a nearby friend pack up his basement. I worked till 1am on laundry so we could send the children to Jared's parents till the potential danger was gone, as neighborhoods close as 1 mile away were being evaccuated. We have been told that our personal property and home are ok until 43 feet of water. (which means the dikes would have to break...) They are now building contingency dikes off of the main road that leads to our house. (about a mile away) I don't know whether we feel safer or more nervous that they feel the need to do that, but we know His eye is on the sparrow, and He is watching over all His children here, and we trust Him for His perfect will. Our belongings were already up a level in our garage as we are finishing our basement, so we hope that that is good enough for now, as we feel our time is better spent at this point helping out as much as we can. We woke up to a "code red" call to plug our drains and stop our water usage, so that put us into high gear right away early yesterday evening. 7 children and no tiolet flushing is not fun, so we were greatly relived to see Jared's parents take the kids for a awhile until this area disaster is under control. Jared's been in high gear driving around responding to calls for help on live radio. He spent much of the day taking over a complete stranger's home in south Fargo so they could get some sleep. He manned the pumps for several hours and has had many other interesting stories to share. He went out again today, and I sit at home and pray. My plans to help haven't panned out as I thought. Sophie has had some major diaper issues, and seems to cry non-stop, so I don't feel good about leaving her with anyone so I can sandbag. Hopefully, it will be short-lived bug. My water usage was restored and I'm thankful as I badly needed a shower and clean bottles. On to all the poopy laundry now! For all our family and friends who are concerned and praying, keep praying, but know we seem to be personally safe from the river as of now. We have many friends from our church family that are losing their battles with this flood, so please keep them lifted up when you think of us.
I'll post some pix later. I'm happy to report I was not arrested for taking them from my car. Much love to you all ~

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cotton Candy, English Toffee, and Tobacco Road

As promised, here are the painted pictures minus the touch-ups to follow. And yes, it's that PINK!
Overall, I'm happy with the results. I wish I had a steady hand and could do the trim work (by the ceiling), but it looks like we'll be hiring out for that. I have not one ounce of talent in my body when it comes to that.
The first couple of pixs are of the boys room, and then on to the girls followed by our family room area.
This weekend will be busy putting together closet systems, as we're trying to eliminate the need for dressers in their rooms so we all have more space.

Drumroll Please...

The drywall is finally completed and painted and textured. It looks so different. I think we may actually have to get up and go see what the naughty people are up to now! Painted pixs coming up next!

Girl's room ~

Family Room ~


Family Room ~

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Really, Should it be This Hard?

I find changing your blogs' look incredibly irritating, and quite frankly, annoying, As you can tell, the past few days, since I don't have a lifetime to figure this out, my blog has looked, well, irritating. I apologize, and when I can sit down for a lifetime, I'm going to figure this one out. Until then, try to endure my friends.