Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Jared! I love you beyond what words can express. Thank you for all you do for us. You work so hard and never complain. You're an amazing help to me, and an extroidanary Daddy. Thanks for working so hard on our new basement, and putting up with a wife who has sick perfectionistic tendencies that should probably be medicated. I am truly grateful for everything you've done down there. You've done an amazing job! More importantly, thank-you for loving the Lord and desiring to honor Him in all you do. You take quiet spots of service before the Lord, and serve your family so willingly without much recognition unless you count vomit and hugs. We love you "My Favorite You!'

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

Well, this is going to feel like a bunch of blah, blah, blah, but I'll just try and get it all out now and be caught up okay?

Well, I've felt pretty blah the last couple of months, ok, beyond blah, but am grateful this baby seems to be doing just fine. I've lost 5 pounds although nonone could possibly tell, because I'm definetely showing already. The joys of your ninth pregnancy. Your body just knows what to do, so why wait like all those cute first timers? Seriously, my doc. says the uterus expands with each pregnancy quicker because - "it knows what to do, and how to get there." Weird... I just wish I wouldn't gain those 5 pounds back. :) I could sleep for hours upon hours, and have actually tried, but BAD things happen when I get sleep. Favorite part of the month: seeing baby suck it's thumb and squirm around in my tummy. I totally feel baby move now, just small fingertip like touches. Thank-you God... Now only 2 more weeks to go before I feel human again.

Home: safe from flooding, completely drowned in filth due to basement project and my constant state of blah. Will take weeks to put back together again, but even I am looking forward to getting back into a more normal routine of cleanliness, as Jared and the chilren are too. Things like meals, not being afraid to sit down in the bathroom... finding clean undies, finding anything clean, this will be appreciated for at least 24 hours after it's been accomplished!

My Dad: So sick and finally out of the hospital after a week. It's really hard to hear your Dad crying out in pain over the phone cause' he hurts so bad. Please heal his body Lord from the inside out. Give him the strength to fight this cancer till it has absolutley no power over his body in any way.

Maddie: To make a long and detailed story short, Maddie has been having chest/heart pain for the last month. Her mother has told her it was just heartburn because really, what 7 year old has heart pain? Ok, well, now I feel horrible because after two days of almost constant complaining, I took her in to be checked out and the doctor is thinking it could be bouts of SVT. (google it) I don't have the energy to do a linky. (Nor do I know how.) Anywhoo, she has to wear a heart monitor for awhile, and try and capture these episodes so they can give us more information. Can I just say Dej-Jah-Voo? After nearly five hours at the doctor, we did come home knowing one thing for sure. Madeline is blind as a bat. Ok. Not really, she just needs glasses, but really people, chest pain, and I find out she needs glasses! Who'd have thunk?

Well, that about wraps up my blah life for now, cause' you have to wait to see pix of my newly finished basement till I get them posted sillies. And I want to devote an entire post completely to just that since it's been at the top of my blah list for so long. I'm done blahing now... Goodnight friends.

We Miss You Grandpa!

Ok. I know I haven't been posting very regularly since the flood, but our lives turned into more of a crazy mess than usual this last month. I'll try to catch you up over the next few posts.

Jared's grandpa passed away into eternity a few weeks ago, and while he was older, it came as quite a shock to our family since he's aways been so healthy. Grandpa was many things, kind, affectionate, always full of hugs and joyful greetings. He was the epitamy of a man after God's own heart, full of humbleness and grace, as I'm sure he'd tell me not to type all this, but I'm going to anway. :) We miss him, but I will always be comforted that our children were priviedged to have known him, to spend his last day on earth eating lunch at Grandpa' s and playing in the yard. The older three should remember that forever. We didn't make it to the hospital to say goodbye, but rejoice because we know we'll see him again. We mourne not for Grandpa, but for ourselves, for our parents, for Grandma. Jared and I lay in bed the week of his funeral snuggling and hoped that we could say after 60 years that we were still best friends just like Grandpa and Grandma. We know it won't happen on it's own, only with yeilding to the Lord's will each day. By His grace and mercy, use us for your glory. - Just like Grandpa. I think grieving will come in waves this year especially, the first Christmas story without Grandpa reading, wondering who will send us off from the driveway now, Grandpa insisting that I should be before him in the lunch line, not meeting baby Rivers # 8... All these little things add up to a big hole in your heart. A hole I hope never goes away. We love you Grandpa!