Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Sophie!

Here you are all wide eyed the night you were born, but I love the next one! You were so content minutes after you were born when you found your thumb. A year later, all you need is your "lovey Cinnamon," and you're at it again!

We didn't do too much for your birthday. You were so sick and your eyes were all glued shut with eye boogers. Yucky!

The next day we celebrated with a big muffin cake. You loved the crumbs!

Your brothers and sisters were more excited about your gifts than you were, but were horror stricken to find out you only got one toy. So sad they thought...

You're very interested in the idea of eating these days and now that we have carpet downstairs, we find you standing alone now! Your temper is growing fast and you love your big sisters!

We love you Sophia Claire and are grateful for a healthy uneventful first year of life It was so enjoyable. We hope and pray you continue to thrive and one day come to know Jesus as your Saviour!

Happy 5th Birthday Austin!

You're finally five Buddy! You've grown up so much this year and it was so much fun to give you your first birthday party complete with real friends and a theme. You chose baseball because you're so excited to be starting T-ball next month. We celebrated at Happy Joes, one of our favorite pizza hangouts and played in the game room and just had fun crazy boy time!
You actually thought my baseball cake was fabulous. (Thanks Sweetie, cause' I don't think anyone else would be impressed.) You've been having a blast on your new wheels this week too!
Mommy and Daddy love you Austin Bennet, my cuddly, sweet firecracker of a boy!
I'll always remember the moment before you were born. They all said,"Hair! It's got lots of hair Jess! You can do it!" That's all the encouragement I needed. 25 seconds later, you made your grand appearance, my first baby with a mop full of dark thick hair. And I've been in love ever since...