Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Family Room

Here's the office nook in the corner, and as we move around the room, you'll see our school station at the table (my garage sale find last year which I promptly painted black and then distressed.) Gotta love spray paint!
I have loads of books and this is only one of three shelves, but our hallway shelves aren't completely ready yet, so I'll show you those later.
The lil' kids have spent many hours at this little table which I also painted black after a few years. When you distress furniture, it really works well with children who, well, "distress" it more.
My lonely treadmill has been in the garage the last few months, so now that it's all warm and cozy and permanently plugged in, maybe I'll use it. :) Maybe.
And the entertainment center was a great Craig's List find. It was a complete steal, not that we were going to tell the seller. Poor single guy...
And last, but not least, no, you did not miss a seating area. We don't have one! The kiddos use their beanbags, and Jared and I are waiting for tax season to roll around again so we can get a sectional that fits our entire family and then some. Yes, it's massive, but then again, so are we. I realize I gave this tour backwards according to the pictures, but oh well, I gave a tour didn't I?
The girl's room is next, but we're waiting till they have beds!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Kid's Bathroom

Well, it all started here in January, and here is the end result. I love the color pop in here. It's really a teal, and muted brights if that makes sense. My camera is having trouble capturing real color lately. Maybe it's the user... Anywhoo, it's done, and just awaiting cabinet doors. The walls are a bit lonely, but again, in time... I found my mirror at Hobby Lobby at 50% off. Yay!

The story behind this bathroom is amazing, and we praise the Lord for His goodness to us. We are so undeserving. I'll save it for a later post though. It's kind of a book. : )


Here they are! Some pictures of the final look in the kiddo's rooms. I still need to hang pics, but they don't have any. (We haven't had walls for two years!) I'm on the lookout!

I really like the classic look of the bedding. (compliments of Target.)

I'm totally attatched to their dressers I realized. I found this one in the trash and some dear friends refinished it for me. Freebee!

The crib was a great garage sale find - $10! Harrison's got a bed now!

I know, I need to iron the curtains, but I wanted to see if I liked them first. I do...

Short and Sweet!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring Playtime

Maddie received a free bike last week from some good friends who are so good to us. She had grown out of her "My Little Pony" bike, so this was a wonderful provision from the Lord!
Brady's been hot roddin' on Austin's new big wheel too! Gotta love the boots!

Keilah Grace is a speed demon on her lil' bike this year, and is proud of the fact if you can't tell!

I had to giggle when I found Harrison on his bike sporting a hot pink helmet!

Is this a bad idea or what? Babies plus legos equal TROUBLE!

End Of the Year Party!

We are officially done with school for the year, and are absolutely thrilled! (Except for testing, when they come in...) We took very little time off this year, and reached our goal of finishing by the beginning of May.
We celebrated by going out to eat at Space Aliens, a favorite around here. Tuesdays, I can feed us for under $15! I get 4 free kids pizzas, (which are huge, so the babies share one) and then I only have my meal and 1 child's meal to buy. They have awesome food, so it's a great deal for us, not to mention the free games the kids get to play on "Token Tuesdays."
I'm sure we'll review some this summer, but this mama is enjoying her break too! I can finally get caught up on all those house cleaning/projects that I've been dying to do now that I feel better. It feels so good to be putting my house back together! It's not all done yet, but I promise I'll post pix soon.