Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekend in Review

Becca Rankin and her daughters, Karis and Gabby, came for a week of visiting, fun, and complete chaos at times, but it was all worth it on this end! We hope we haven't scared them off for good.

The weather was not cooperating, but tolerable, so we were able to sneak away for lunch one day to my favorite Chinese restaurant. We grilled out a few times and Jared and I worked in the garden after Becca helped me pick out a few perrenials for my flowerbeds. It's like the blind leading the blind, but we had fun anyway. ; )

Saturday night, we fed and bathed a tired bunch of monsters and put them to bed and the three of us were able to sneak away to Chili's for dinner and some adult conversation. Thanks to Faith and Kylie for babysitting!

Sunday was a full day of worship, tacos, naps, and finally, the weather cleared enough to head out to Buffalo State Park for a long hike. We enjoyed the fresh air and came home with only one tick! We stopped at Tasty Freeze and got hamburgers and cones for the kids, and came home to relax a bit while we took in the movie, "Baby Mama. " I think all of us girls made it through... kinda of a chick flick!

Here's some pics of our Sunday morning madness. Hasn't this new baby popped this week?! Or so I'm told anyway... Here's one of the lil' girls playing dress-up. They would go from two peas in a pod to completely forgetting the other was there.

The Zoo Went to The Zoo!

Here's baby Sophie! That's right. The baby camel is named Sophie. How cute is that?
Harrison loves to ham it up when his picture is being taken.

The girls had so much fun with their friend Karis this past week.
Besides the animals, there was face painting.

And of course, Keilah Grace with her beloved goats!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Great is His Faithfulness

Rebecca Joy and Faith

From Don and Roxy
From Jilly

It's almost midnight on the eve of Faith's due date. I can't sleep, and although I'm sure Faith would not have waited till today, for some reason, I have put off this day in my mind for as long as I could.

I asked the Lord to bring me great joy June 8th. So where's my fireworks? Where's my bandaid that is going to make everything ok? I'm not sure I have any answers, or maybe the answers I thought I would get, but I do have much to be thankful for. And in those things, I can find the Lord shining through with His joy for me, His quiet hush to my questions of the day, and so I try to find solitude in my heart as my mind wanders to what could have been.
Would I be folding little loads of blue or digging around for my pink headbands?
His quiet voice: You are twenty plus weeks pregnant with a child that would not be possible had Faith survived.
This is hard for me to reconcile in my mind - to separate. I can't replace a child, and although thrilled about baby number 9, I wanted to meet baby number 8 just as much.
His ultimate plan: I realized that I have actual living Joy here in my home as I write this. My dear friend is here for a visit and although the dates were not thought out in advance, Rebecca Joy has certainly brought me much encouragement this week. Her sweet sister, Faith is also here. The irony... God is too good to us isn't He?
And maybe the sweetest gift of all: Brady told us today he accepted Jesus Christ as His Saviour in Sunday school. His exact words were, "I forgave Jesus of my sins and now I'm saved Mom." We talked it over, and although he'll be sure to tell you the same thing, he does truly understand it's the other way around. :)
I've wondered what will I do to honor Faith's short life today. Will I plant something? What if I kill it? Will I paint something? I'm not an artist.
I will look through this basket of precious cards full of sweet condolances, and read every word. I will gaze at my Willow Trees from Jared and Becca with fondness and appreciate the love that was sent with them. I will enjoy those flowers all over again. I will wear this necklace my sister gave to me. I will look at Faith's resting place with tears in my eyes. I'm not sure what the day will bring about, but this I know. Baby Faith is loved and remembered by me today and forevermore. Great is His faithfulness...
Hebrews 11:1 " Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."