Monday, June 22, 2009

Baby's First Pix

Here's Baby's First Pix taken Friday at 22 weeks. I think it may be a boy, but I must preface that by saying my track record in guessing after ultrasounds is like only 3 out of 7 so far. Guess that means
I'm on the red...
I do think baby has Harrison's bone structure and reminds me a bit of Brady and Lexie too. It gets harder when there's so many little people to compare them too.
On a side note, I'd been worried a little because I really hadn't felt this baby move much. I found out why... My placenta is anterior which is a little abnormal, but not dangerous. That means it's On the front side of my tummy, and get this.THERE'S TWO!!
No, not two babies, although I think she was worried, cause' she had another tech come in and dig around pretty hard on my tummy, but to no avail. Only one baby - two placenta's. Crazy huh? I didn't get to ask my doctor any questions as he was out of town, but next time... Who knows. Maybe I'll have a big strapping baby, or just be huge myself. What do you think? Any guesses after the last pic?

Track, T-ball, & our own personal Cheering Squad

Happy Father's Day!

Brady was so entertaining to watch on the slip and slide. We just laughed and laughed! Thanks again Auntie Jenn!
Love this Discovery toy from Kristi! The kids had a blast with all the boats.

Cheesy Wet Sisters!

Sophie's first popscicle!

We had a nice relaxing Father's Day Weekend. Saturaday, we sat in our yard and baked all day under the sun as we watched the kids have a blast in the water and then headed off to a block party complete with firemen and their engines.

Sunday was filled with church and we grilled Katie's yummy pork recipe, now a favorite! We put the babies down for a nap and watched "Flywheel" (one of Jared's gifts) as a family, a good movie about the Lord rewarding honesty in all areas of our life.

We love you Jared and Daddy!