Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Hope We Don't kill Em' All

Well, after a good month of yard work and trial and error, we are well on our way to having our yard landscaped.

It's simple, but I love color, and although I know nothing, I've always loved the idea of having lots of flowers and pretending I have an English garden.

I made it clear to all prospective sellers, I need hardy, easy going, closer to zone three than four perenials. So with the exception of my Endless Summer Hydrangas and a rosebush, I stuck to my plan.

Starting in the front, you have to imagine the general spreading and filling out these will all do over the next few years. Most of my picks will spread thank goodness, so use your imaginations and fill in the gaps.

The porch is covered in hot pink impatients and my pretty find at walmart of hanging something or other.

We move on to the front portion and I have a dark purple clematis that I hope climbs my brick pillar one day. Then I have some lovely Lilac Yarrow, and Shasta Daisies, followed by Daylillies, and my one bush like shrub with hot pink blooms that were gorgeous. We move on to my hot pink rosebush which has a title I'm sure, but I'm too lazy to go and check. Notice my amazing hydrangas my hubby surprised me with, and my favorite tree, a Japanese Dwarf Lilac. I have some sort of yellow whimsicle flower that I can't remember underneath that, and then we move on to the side which is a multitude of different Daylillies, Yarrow, and my lone pumpkin and tomato plant of course. I hope to expand with an actual plot one day when I don't have as many little people to feed and water if you know what I mean.

The back is pretty bare yet, as it seemed pointless to do too much until our deck is built, so we stuck to one side and kept it simple with Annabelle Hydrangas and Lilly of the Valley that will spread like wildfire I'm told. I have two that seem to be doing ok and actaully bloomed and then two that look like death warmed over. Any suggestions gardeners? Remember I know nothing except what Jared's mom has shared with me. I refer to her as my plant doctor now.

The west side is full of Tiger Lillys, Iris's, Yarrow, Snow on The Mountain, and a Lilac bush in the corner. You continue on with Hostas, and Peonies, and a hot pink clematis that I hope will climb my drain.

Now that you're snoozing if you're still even reading this, but I did want to show you the fruit of all our work before we kill it. Ha! We'll see what pops up next spring. Until then... any suggestions are appreciated!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Visit From...

Jared's sister, aka, Auntie Jenn, came for a visit this last weekend and we all had a great time. She did bubbles with them, painted "tatoos" with them, went on walks/bike rides, and explored the surrounding territory with them. They all just adore her! _ We do too.

We all went on a fun picnic to the park and played frisbee, and then Jenn kept the kids busy while I did some cleaning, and then she even scrubbed my bathrooms. Phew! Now that's a true friend! Jenn and I enjoyed some late night talks and she even treated me to Mexican and then we watched a nice Christian movie entitled, "Though None Go With Me." It's very thought provoking and a great challenge as a believer to walk the path with Jesus - "though none go with me, still I will follow..."

We love you Auntie Jenn, and appreciate all you do for us, (especially buying us Cookie Crisp) but most of all, the godly legacy you are leaving for our children!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Track Season

Well, Maddie finished up her first
track season and really seemed to enjoy it, and I must say all the attention that doing something alone brought. She improved over the course of 4 weeks and by the end, really got the hang of things. We're roud of you Mad!

Not to Brag...

Cause' anyone who knows me, knows I can't in this area, but these are the best smoothies I've ever had, - and guess what? I made them! Ha!

Smooth Sailin' Strawberry Smoothies

1 bag frozen whole strawberries (1lb.)

6-7 ice cubes

1 cup of milk

1cup of water

1/2 cup of sugar

1 tsp. of vanilla

1 can of frozen Bacardi juice -pina colada flavor (secret weapon)

Dump and blend my friends! I have a smoothie button, but the ol' fashion way should work just fine too.