Saturday, August 1, 2009

East River Mountain

This was our first trek/hike up one of the mountains in the Bluefield area. It was a beautiful evening and the view was spectacular if you could ignore the fact that the overlook area lacked slats in the railings. Key for people with small children who aren't yet afraid of heights, but nobody fell, and thus no lawsuits on our part.

No, we aren't in Canada.

The long-awaited "tree house in the distance."

Love this picture of Jared and the kids!

I had Sophie on the way up, Daddy took her down. Phew! I felt those twenty pounds, not to mention , the extra I'm already carrying up front!

Gotta love those behinds looking for that perfect walking stick!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Family Reunion 2009

Sunday, the Kearns clan gathered for a mini family reunion at my Aunt Carolyn's place. We enjoyed a ton of great food including a salad I'm goinig to try and post later and of course, Southern tea while we caught up and laughed at the kids antics. - Doug and Carolyn included. N0tice at 50 something, they were right there with the kids doing the slip and slide! All of my cousins were there and most of my aunts and uncles. I like to think Grandaddy was able to look down and smile at his family that day. I never met him, but I'm told he loved children.
My kids meeting their great Grandma, Nana, for the first time.

Playing the all American game of T-Ball with their cousins.

Madison was so helpful during that week entertaining the kids. She and her mom planned a carnival complete with cool games and prizes for the kids to enjoy.

My Uncle Goose, who gave me my first dance.

My cousin Ashby and his wife Bri Katie and Goose

Sam and my Great Aunt Peggy

My cousin Aaron and his brother-in-law to be.

My sweet cousin Jennifer

My cousin Seth, Emily, and their lil' Maria

Sleeping Princess Maria

My cousin Courtney

Ashby's princess, Harper

The cousins line up for the slip and slide!

The hot tub was a big hit with the kiddos and the big kids!

Aiden is in the center (Ashby's little boy), and Brianna is next to Lexie along with D, (Jennifer's children)

Who are these weird people?

Seth with his Uncle Steve

All bathed and beautiful after a fun day with family. Thanks again for all your hard work. We had a blast!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nanny's House/Day #2

My mom has the cutest little bungalow which is a far cry from the first place we pulled up to thinking we had to be wrong and thankfully, we were! We had typed in the wrong address into the GPS and ended up in the ghetto area on top of a curvy dead end street that had our van at a precarious angle where Jared and I both thought we might tip. It wasn't funny at the time, but now we kinda giggle thinking about all the faces pearing out at us from their front porches watching this huge van try and turn around on top of a crazy mountainas hill.

The kids had so much fun relaxing and playing with all of Nanny's toys and things she had for the kiddos to keep entertained with while we were there. They loved these swirly batons and played basketball in the chuch parking lot behind her house. Maddie and Brady especially took a liking to basketball! My mom is actually renting the parsonage that belongs to the church.

My Aunt Katie then treated us to lunch at the Cracker Barrell, one of my favorites, where Southern type food is a specialty and where we realized people know how to make some mean iced tea in the South. Yummy! Even Jared's hooked, trying to get all the details as to how to make tea just right.
We headed over to Katie and Goose's for pizza that night on the deck and just enjoyed visiting and watching the kids relaease some pent up energy.
My cousin Seth and his lil' sis Madison were also there along with Doug and Carolyn again. Doug is a big tease and the kids just stuck to him like glue. They both get down right on their level and play hard and are so good to the kids.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The First Night

We just got aquainted as Jared and the kids haven't met any one but my parents in my extended family. We grilled out over at my Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Doug's house. I lived with them during my senior year of high school and have many fond memories of that fun year we shared. They were so good to me! Everyone seemed to warm up to each other quite fast, and the kids were having a blast in no time at all!
The girls are with my Aunt Katie here at the bottom who showered them with stuffed animals while we were there. They loved her contagious laugh and outgoing personality.

And We're Off!

23 1/2 hours later, we made it to beautiful Bluefield, WVa. I 've never been so swollen in my life, but even that was worth it. All the kids did so well on the way there packed in like sardines, and we only had one accident. Ya, the wet kind... The Lord provided us with safety and beautiful traveling weather. Here's the first sign for our first destination. We were so excited. We stopped in Beckley, WVa. right before to see the Tamarack. It was nice pitstop, full of WVa. history and art. I did get a few postcards for my future album I'll be making in twenty years. More Later!