Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back To Vacation

Wednesday morning, we met my mom's dog, Princess, who is a little skiddish around children so she wasn't staying at the house while we were there. The kids made her a bit nervous, but sure had fun petting her.
We had a nice picnic under a shelter due to the rain at Pipestem State Park. It was very warm, but raining a bit. The views were so pretty and we saw several deer that day just out and about and one wild turkey.

I love this man.

My Aunt Katie and me. She has the greatest laugh, and is such a good storyteller.

The view here was actually alot better than the picture allows you to see.

Sisters - My mom, Katie, and Carolyn

The view from the tram... I so wanted the kids to experience this because I remember doing it as a kid, and I loved it, and I hate heights!

Here we go!

It was so hot in there. The windows fogged up!

A little trickling waterfall

You can't see it very well, but this was an actual bootlegger hideout where they made liquor!

Lexie's Mexican Fiesta

Nanny put on a mexican feast in honor of Lexie's 9th birthday. We all had a fun time visiting and celebrating with my side of the family for the first time. Lexie's super into puppies right now and so Nanny threw that in too.
Sophie's so tuckered tonight!

Jared enjoying his new-found love for southern sweet tea with my Aunt Katie.

A new puppy! I did put the kabosh on live presents.

Harrison and Keilah Grace with their suckers.

Not one, but two birthday cakes!

She fell in love with her Great Uncle Doug and he gave her his WV. hat that night.
Thanks for celebrating with us family and making that birthday one Lexie won't soon forget!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

30 Weeks and Counting

For me, not sure if I have 6 or the full ten to go, but somewhere in between might be nice. I get my steroid shots next time I go in for an appointment so hopefully, baby's lungs will be good to go if he or she decides they want to be like the rest and come early. And believe me, it would already seem this one is anxious, but I have way too many projects to accomplish before the next new birthday in the family, not too mention a name to choose. Hope you all are enjoying the last few weeks of summer!