Friday, September 4, 2009

The Little Girls' Room? / In Honor of Jenn...

Keilah Grace and Sophia have needed a boost in their abode for awhile. I had the same bedding on their bed that I bought f0r Lexie when she was 18 months old, and well, now that she's nine I figured we could change it up a bit.
I found this cute stuff at TJ Max with the help of a couple of awesome girlfriends who were willing to shop long distance for me. :) Thanks again! When Sophie goes into her bed, her spread will be pink with dots and some other mismatched pilows from this same line. I like that it's coordinating , but not matchy matchy.
These shelves were a thrift store find once upon a time and believe it or not, were in my boy's room. Of course, they were BLUE then. I spray painted these pink and rather like how they turned out. They hold my special baby shoes my dear friend, Ann, has given me with each birth of a baby. I tease her now. She had no idea what she was signing up for! I'll soon have my own small shoe factory.
The butterflies were a vacation find at $4 a pop, and I love them!
I've always wanted a mobile, but never found one I really cared for. This was a perfect solution because it's safe and the girls won't grow out of them as quickly.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hints of Fall

Little hints of fall around the house are always enjoyable. It's nice to look at something different before I drag out the "you know what."

Here's my new bowl filled with a little bit of autumn splendor.

My main bathroom upstairs...

The living room I actually dusted. Shocker yes I know.

My pears in my living room window...

My new fall sprigs next to my fancy thrift store birdcage.

Love these old pics of Austin and Madeline.

My $5 find at a lakeside store a couple of weeks ago. I'm going to fil her up with icy lemonade this weekend for our company!

My South Carolina seashells have at last found a home. I found this hurricane vase on clearance at Target and this candle really smells like the beach. I can almost imagine myself there Stacy! Of course, minus Harrison's screams...

My Virginia crockery very appropriately placed next to Dad and Malinda.
What are the different fall decorations you all put up. Show us!

Pumpkins and Gerber Daisies

Here's my one room schoohouse full of the most adorable faces I've ever seen. Last year, I had an apple in their hands, but no apples in the house this year, so Lexie came up with this creative idea. A flower for the girls, and a pumpkin for the boys and Keilah Grace - who thought a pumpkin was much better than a Gerber Daisy. Preschool through third grade, here we come!
Keilah Grace was so thrilled to hear she too, was going to get to "do school" and learn her letters and the alphabet song. She's all about grabbing her workbook every day and getting a coveted spot at the table. Story time is her favorite and if it has anything to do with animals, she's all ears!
Austin is so amazed at "how easy school is" and wonders why Brady takes so long... Aahh, the joys of kindergarten.
Brady is taken aback a bit by how much more work a first grader has but he seems to be taking it all in stride. His handwriting is improving so much, and I can see potential now!
Madeline and Alexis are in their groove knowing how this all works now and are doing well despite the occasional attitudes. Yes, we are normal and have our "moments." They are excited about piano lessons which they begin next week and are already busy with soccer.
The teacher is already tired and I must say was overwhelmed before I even started, but the Lord has been very gracious this week and allowed Jared to be home at night and we've gotten a good evening and morning routine down complete with cute chore charts from my friend Jilly. (Do you hate that I call you Jilly? Brady's infatuation with you as a toddler just made the name stick...) Sometimes the general routine of the fall really gives me a kick in the pants to just get my stuff done!