Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lexie's 9th Birthday / Cannaday Family Reunion

After going to church on Sunday where Grandpa and Neena proudly showed us off, ( They even sang Happy Birthday to Lexie) we grabbed a quick bite to eat via Taco Bell and headed to Roanoke, Va. where my Dad's family lives for a Cannaday family reunion. We celebrated Lexie's birthday and my cousin Jodi, even sang a special rendition of Happy Birthday to her.

My cousin, Stephanie's daughter, Tori

My sweet cousin, Chris

Some other strange relatives of mine

My cousin, Stephanie, and her husband, Jeff

My cousin, Jodi and her boyfriend, John, who Lexie promptly "fell in love with!'' Watch out for the competition Jodi! :) He was so good to the kids and wrestled with them forever outside!


Harrison made a new friend with one of Stephanie's foster children.

Sophie Tophie

One of many of Jared's hidden talents - Who knew?

My very funny and outgoing Aunt Elsie and her quiet man, my uncle Darryl

Goodnight Kitty! Keilah Grace fell in love with kittens on this trip. Almost tempts me... But not quite.

Monday, September 7, 2009

One Packed Saturday

Saturday started out with a bang with a HUGE southern style breakfast and was it ever delic! Dad and Malinda pulled out all the stops on this meal.

We had pancakes/hotcakes, scrambled eggs, fresh fried apples, biscuits and gravy, southern style ham, and bacon complete with orange juice to wash it all down.
Ya, me too. Now I'm hungry.
Neena helped Lexie make her birthday cake for the following day after she chose pineapple upside down cake. Lexie so enjoys cooking and was so excited to try this recipe. Isn't it pretty?

We then headed off on our long, but beautiful drive to the southern tip of Virginia along the border of Kentucky where we hiked and picniced at "The Breaks," also known as the "Grand Canyon of the South." It was breathtaking and beautiful beyond what I can express in words. The Lord's creation is a constant reminder of His power and love for us. Just look at these purple beauties He made for us to enjoy. We also found some old mining roads as we were right in the heart of mining country. Malinda was full of stories and information for us. She made a great tour guide! And Dad well, he kept the kids entertained with all sorts of bear stories in the back. Every once and a while, we would remind him to keep them G rated.

Our watermelon baby enjoying her picnic.

This was a huge feat and moments afterward, Keilah Grace took a spill off a huge boulder, and in his rush to retrieve Keilah, Jared forgot Harrison was on the halter leash and drug him down a steep incline of rocks. I giggle now as I type this, but it wasn't funny then. I'm sure we were a sight to see all yelling and crying at each other.

A train actually came through for us to see through this long tunnel through the mountain. We could hear it coming for miles. We were so excited!

I tried not to be nervous and stop breathing when the kids got close to the lookout points.

One of the views - breathtaking...

Our lil' hiker, Keilah Grace

We took out some pontoon/paddle boats on a small lake in the drizzle. It was humid so we weren't cold. I was a bit nervous because this area is known for it's water snakes, aka water moccasins, but we did manage to stay on the boat. I, prego and all, even managed to rescue the lakes lifguard while he was on his break. He was trying to get his sunglasses and his paddle boat tipped over and he was very much unable to get back in. We watched all of this in horror of course, and then I paddled or should I say waddle paddled over to him to offer him a ride back to the dock. He was quite embarrassed and said no at first but when I reminded him about the water snakes, he did swim over rather quickly. I told him my prego lips were sealed and I wouldn't harrass him too much or write an article or anything. His friends on the other hand... Well, they just might have. Poor guy, all buff and young, being rescued by a round woman with seven children. It does sound humiliating.

Drinks and watermelon at a playground after our rendezvou in the lake.

Some REAL TIRED kids and parents after bathtime.

But Grandpa's and Neena's announce ice cream cones at 10:30 pm. and the eyes flutter open again!! I think mine were rolling back into my head if I remember correctly.

But this picture was worth it ALL.

Summer Snacks and Sundays

I walked into the garage the other day and this is what I found. - All four girls perched on the freezer slurping up their popsicles. Had to smile. Sophie was enjoying herself as much as the big kids with every shared slurp she got.

And a Sunday morning picture since I haven't shared one of those in a long time. Jared takes these as I am usually trying to get ready, and as usual one child is always in the depths of despair about something. This time it was.... well, isn't it obvious?

Apparently, her braids were crooked and not straight like Auntie had done them the day before. Dad must have been doing some "smile, or else..." OH , to be nine, and have the biggest problem in your world be that your braids are crooked.