Friday, October 2, 2009

Baby Update

Seeing that most poeple wonder if I'm calling from the hospital now when they answer their phones, I decided I'd better give everyone a baby update. If you don't care for personal information, stop reading now and come back later... :)

This is the first pregnancy since Austin that I haven't had any restrictions with. We have been grateful for this as our family has been able to go about life normally. Well, normal for us! HA! I will have reached 36 weeks as of Sunday, and making it to the month of October was my personal goal for this baby. Everything from here on out is a bonus!

Although my body hasn't felt any different at all, (and I will spare you all those gory details and my pride) it hasn't actually done anything in the way of real work until this week. My doctor has had me coming in twice a week due to possible preeclamsia with some different symptoms I've been having, but as of Thursday, it seems my blood pressure is stablizing. Yaa for me! Those colored dots were getting old, and the swelling, well, anyone who knows my feet, I mean me, knows I'm already swollen so when I gained 8 pounds in three days, let's just say it was a bit concerning. I am happy to report that I lost six of those pounds in another three days, and well, I don't care to step on the scale until were in a completely different number family...

Anywhoo, yesterday, my doctor and I were joking about the possibilty of me going over my due date, and I informed him, I'd hunt him down in the dark night, and make sure that didn't happen. Ha! Well, after he "checked" me, he asked me if I wanted to know who was on call this weekend. In three days, I'd gone from nothing to dripping with ummmm.... stuff... Basically, my cervix is thinnning and softening and baby dropped to a plus 1 station. Ya. I have noticed that one. Plus four is crowning, so ya, I guess baby won't have far to go when the time comes. IT does explain the 20-30 second pushing phase for me. I just do my end of the work before labor actually begins and endure their head inbetween my legs now.

Fast forward throughout the day yesterday to about noon. Mmmm. Lots more contractions than my usual, and they definetely felt different. More pressure, more crampy. But he did check me and that could be the reason right? Well, by 6:30pm I was not talking or walking through some of them, and thought we'd better head up around 9pm. Because once I do get going (generally around 4 cm dilated) I tend to go pretty fast. Well, I was only at a two, but they did tell Jared to go home and get our things, and so we were off and I was making a few phone calls lining up childcare inbetween contractions. Then I began to walk again, and after 15 minutes my nurse decided to check me again, and I hadn't really done anything, Well in my mind, 15 minutes isn't alot, but oh well, whatever right? Well, then she said I could go home if I felt comfortable doing that. What am I supposed to say to that? Didn't she just send my hubby home to get my bags? I'm totally tired and emotional about this by now, but I called Jared and told him not to bother hauling anything up there, I'd just meet him at the door. He was quite taken aback too, but we just drove home quietly realizing it's fine, good actually, if the baby would hold off, but just felt like we'd been on an emotional roller coaster the last few hours. I still felt crummy, but just hopped in the tub with my favorite soap in the whole wide world and lathered my pika self silly with my ice water and chips that I crunched till I was blue in the face. Then I pulled my sorry round ball of a person into bed and slept off and on through the contractions till morning.

Well, there you have it. My baby update, and no, I really haven't felt all that much today. I don't feel normal, but I'm not about to head up there again until I know I'm beyond the point of no return... Jared's a bit concerned about this, but I know it's just becuase he wants to ensure that I get that epidural. He is always far more concerned about this than I am, and that always cracks me up. I tell him he's the epitemy of peer pressure. :) Tee hee!

Hopefully, next time I give you an update, there will be a cute picture to go with it. Enough of all this personal information for now! :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder...

If they'll ever learn to share, or be kind without hidden motives, or choose to allow the other to go first...
Basically, I'm just shooting for civilness on an everyday basis, but deep down, my heart's prayer is that they'll be the best of friends one day and love each other more than any friend ever could.
These gave me hope today because sometimes, amidst a bad day (like today), you forget the shared giggles and silly secrets whispered in the dark, their giddy faces they give only each other, the sweet word of encouragement when the other is hurt or sad, the hug after an arguement, and then I remember, they are best friends... they just don't know it yet.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Maddie's Big Debut

Well, after Jared and I saw "these", we
knew Maddie has come out of her little soft, quiet shell.
She is ham people, posing and getting all goofy and animated for that camera lens. She just ate it up apparently.
I love the giggles, the twirls, the finger to the lips, tree climbin' kinda girl poses. Or should I say Sarah just captured them in the moment at what they do best ~ being little girls.
She is our "Madeline Isabelle" to the core my friends, in a way I never imagined anyway, and I got to tell you, I luvs her!

Ok, So I'm Biased...

... But I love these pix my sis took of Alexis for her ninth year. They truly capture Lexie's personality. I feel like I can look into her heart and soul when I look at these. Thanks for the "practice" Sarah. Anytime...
More to come of Madeline soon!