Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just Hangin' Out

At home cause' it's getting colder here, and this time of year always feels chillier than the spring. The cold is a shock to our bones so the kids have been spending more time playing on the inside and from the ball popper to bending their lil' bodies in ways I know I can't bend.... they've been having fun. Sophie noticed dollies for the first time this week and Keilah Grace and Harrison were so cute playing dress-up. Believe it or not, they were both doggies not Barney or a policeman!
PS. Anyone notice my massive laundry pile in the background? Too bad that can't induce labor! I'd definetely have a baby today!

Bathrooms and Hallways

The Original Inspiration/The shower curtain...
I spent all summer looking for just the right things to hang in the bathroom. Sometimes it just takes time, but my $2 garage sale shelf which happens to match the cuboards perfectly made me very giddy. I found the big honkin' seashells at the thrift store for 99 cents since I had no luck finding big ones in South Carolina, but they remind me of our vacation nonetheless, and the cute teal pottery coffee cup is from a small local downtown shop in SC. I think it was around $4. I snatched it up in one big gobble since I knew I'd be able to use it somehow in here. Ummm... The "Blessings" sign was my latest find at a grocery store no less, but I can't brag about a good deal there, but again, sometimes you just gotta get it right? I love my round mirror from Hobby Lobby at 50% off, and I want to replace the boring builder mirrors eventually upstairs with ones like this. IT sooo makes a difference in a bathroom! I didn't even notice how much until we got this one up. And last, but not least, my storage jars that are hiding the girls brushes and things are in these jars that I found both in SC and a lakeside shop here in the good ol' midwest. The glaze on the pottery one is so pretty and the color makes me think of the ocean we all fell in love with. Well, all except Harrison and Keilah Grace, but more on that trip later!

Our hallway was spruced up a bit after my long awaited love affair with barn stars was finally consumated in a real relationship after I found these in Va. for around $5-6. They are so not $5-6 in normal stores up here - more like $15-20, so I could never quite make the committment. And Malinda, my Dad's dear wife, found this lovely sign above the bookshelves. She said it reminded her of Jared since he spent so much time building our home and doing all that he could to provide us with our lil' castle of dreams. I thought it was fitting as well, and whenever I look at it, I do think of Jared and all his hard work and long hours for us. We are loving our home and are so grateful for it!
I hope to accomplish another project for the hallway sometime soon, but my energy and drive have waned a bit in the last week, and so I'm not sure if I'll get the old dresser painted and distressed before next spring. But more on that later! I'm debating between a few differnt types of finishes right now anyway, and I don't want to rush my decision anyway.
Well, now you really probably need anther cup of morning brew as I've probably bored you to death, but I wanted to show you some of my finds and deals and maybe, just maybe inspire you today with the process of balancing waiting on just the right thing for the right price and just getting it, cause' it's perfect!