Friday, October 16, 2009

the baby is here

October 15 2009

8:40 pm

We welcomed Sullivan Charles Rivers, into our crazy world.

weighing 8lbs 12oz

20 1/2 in long

Jess will write more when she gets a chance

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Last Supper

We ate at this amazing restaurant called Dockside our last night in SC. Red Lobster and the like don't stand a chance my friends. The food was phenominal and the southern friendly service was great too, not to mention their iced tea.

The restaurant owned their own fishing boats. Imagine that - Real fresh fish!
The cousins before dinner on the deck...

No need for words...

We look sunned don't we?

Lexie branched out and had crabcakes for the first time. They were so good! She let me have a nibble.

Brady had the special and loved his plate and everyone else's leftovers. This boys' an eating machine!

Such a ham, Noah, my nephling...

Harrison exploring outside after dinner

Madeline showing off her newly bought seashell earrings.

The peir on the way to the fun ocean themed park Stacy took us to.

Palm trees don't all look the same I learned.

Sophie loves to swing! Can you tell?
We had a wonderful evening and I can't wait to go back is she'll have us! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Finally, The Beach!!

Jared's sister, Stacy and her boys, Jake and Noah, shared their park pass to Hunting Island, where the beach was wonderful. It's clean and more private, so it really wasn't crowded, especially on a weekday. It was gloriously hot, but the beach breeze made it comfortable, and we all enjoyed the afternoon immensely, well, except for Harrison and Keilah Grace. But I'll get to that later...

Brady spent hours playing with this boogie board. He was so content to twirl this thing around in the shallow ocean waves. I think the water he initially swallowed made him think twice about going too far in.

I just love this picture - plain and simple.
She was having a hard time trusting Daddy amongst those big waves, but Daddy gently pushed her to face her fears and "go in." She still says,
It was "gwoss." (I'm assuming she means the saltwater.)

This lil' guy swallowed a whole bay I'm sure, but he didn't seem to mind too much and loved making a mess with himself in the sand. Good thing there were showers on the way out.

Sophie's lil behind... Isn't it CUTE?

She just marched out there like she owned the place. She loves her bath so much I guess she just figured it would be no different. She had NO FEAR, and literally would've drowned had we not stopped her in her tracks repeatedly.

Here's the clan all frolicking in the ocean for the first time!

Beach Bums!

We saw plenty of these especially when we pulled out the food for lunch!

One of her few smiles that afternoon... We think the tide scared her and she really thought she would go out with it and not come back because this girl isn't afraid of pools by any means, so we were surprised by her first reaction to the ocean. "I don't like that "sawlt" pool Mom."

Jared saw the beach/ocean for the first time too!

Lexie's crab find!

This picture would be ideal if that man would've just moved for heaven's sake! I love the umbrella in the forefront.

Typical South Carolina home colors. Aren't they adorable?

Funky trees... What are these called again Stac?

Some park time with Dad during Noah and Jake's T-ball practice that night. I just remember being so scorching hot!

Isn't my lil' nephew adorable? Keilah Grace says," He's my Fwend."
And then we were off to Chick Fillet for supper and peach smoothies! Aaaww. What a day! I could redo this tomorrow.
My only regret: Not getting a shot of Lexie.
(Maddie's kept disappearing on me when I'd upload it, and Harrison, well, he was hysterical 90% of the time, so I chose not to remember the tears on camera...)

South Carolina Bound

I know; we've been home for almost three months and I'm just getting around to posting on the South Carolina side.
We stopped at a real plantation on the way called the Latta Plantation. Unfortanately, we were about 15 minutes too late. To go on the tour and see all the sights and hear the history, we had just missed the deadline. We were so dissapointed. It looked so interesting! There were people all dressed up as if living in those times. We had to settle for the informational booklet on the place and did end up getting the boys some "blue and grey" hats, and the girls bonnets. The picture at the top is of the old homestead in the background. It was a smaller plantation apparently with only 30 some slaves. By the age of nine, one could be sold away, never to be see again by family members. That was so heartbreaking to think about considering how young Lexie really is... Ok. I'll stop the history lesson now. I can't wait to go through this with the kids this year though as part of our history!
Onto cousin time! Here they are with Jake and Noah enjoying homemade pancakes that are quite good. Thanks again for the recipe Stacy! The kids enjoyed some much needed down time that first morning just snuggling and exploring the massive yard together. Did I mention how humid it is there? UNREAL. HOT. For us northerneres anyway. You could just feel the air being sucked right from your lungs. And the bugs... well, although I really didn't see many, you could definetely HEAR. THEM. AND. THEY. ARE. LOUD.
We head out to the beach later on that afternoon, and boy, was that an experience. More on that adventure later!