Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Sullivan!

Sullivan Charles Rivers finally made his grand debut after 17 hours of labor on Thursday night at 8:40 pm. (And those are just the hours we'll choose to count... I guess the last three weeks don't officially count. :) ) Thankfully, he redeemed himself after a long tiring labor with only 15 seconds of pushing for Mommy.

He definetely surprised us all with his weight. He's by far my biggest, but it's amazing how small he still seems to us. He's down to 8.6 now, but you couldn't tell by looking at his chubby cheeks.

Here's the proud Daddy excited to have another son. It was fun to surprise Jared with telling him I wanted to name Sullivan after him and have Charles as his middle name. (aka Jared Charles) I had never mentioned it the whole pregnancy so after Jared throwing out a few ideas these last few months, it was fun to see his face light up with the suggestion.

Seconds after his arrival...

The welcoming committee - They were all so happy to even out the team and have another boy! Daddy took them shopping that morning to pick out something special for baby, and found that with seven little people came very strong opinions about what they should get for their new brother. So seven purchases later, they made it out of the store. We wonder if some of them were really shopping for themselves as they insisted on keeping the monster trucks and hotwheels under close supervision for Sullivan.

I cannot express how thrilled I am to be holding another blessing from the Lord. He's so good to us! (That and he does have a nice chunk of hair, and you know how I feel about hair. :))

All cleaned up after his bath.

Doesn't he look tough here? Maybe it's the bulldog on his shirt.

Ready to go home and see the brood again!

3 Days Later, and we're more in love than ever...