Thursday, November 5, 2009


Obedience is the very best thing to show that you believe. La, la, la...
Ummm. YA Right. Not here. Not today.
Can you tell?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Three Weeks

Lots of this...

Ten of these...

A few giggles along the way...

And this face... Well, it makes everything worth it!

A Little Bit of Nothing

These two girls have been a huge help to me with this baby. Always running to get his nuky, rock him when he's crying, grab a diaper, rescue him from a larger baby "trying" to help... What did I do when THEY were babies? I love my big girls and am so thankful I had them instead of that boy I thought I wanted first. God knows best!

Little Sophie or Topherella (as in Cinderella) has made many hard adjustments over the past few weeks. She seems to notice and even kinda like Sullivan now rather than just ignoring him or pretending he's not really there. She loves all his soft blankies and we hope she doesn't claim too many as her own.

I love this Moses basket I picked up at the local thrift store for the third of the price brand new. It even still had the tags and wrapping over it. For now, Sullivan sleeps next to our bed in it, and I like it because it's portable and we can keep him up and tucked away safely during the day.

My pappoosling.

Maddie's gift to Sullivan was his first Vikings hat. Go Vikes!

My other three adorable terrors have been enjoying Mommy's inability to get anything done around here. More on that to come...

Sophie's had to succumb to her non-alive friends these last few weeks and this is her almost constant state. Either her puppy or her bunny... Poor girl. We really are trying to love on her lots despite our crazyness right now.

I have my own entertainment committee now who loves to play the piano very LOUDLY. You gotta giggle though. Aren't Sophie's curls almost naughty looking?