Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Birthday "Beautiful Grace"

Our Keilah Grace, which does mean "beautiful grace" entered our lives four years ago, and our lives have never been the same. Her smile, which we have always had to work for, melts our hearts. As she sang "Wudof, the Wed Nose Wanedeer" tonight on our way through Walmart, heads turned, lips turned upward into smiles, their eyes met mine, and I was reminded again, how blessed we are to have her in our lives. Her imagination and infectious voice leave even strangers captivated, and I must say, even her blond hair makes me smile. She is one of my miracle babies, and I'll always remember the day I first laid eyes on her. I turned and saw her little heart beating on that screen at 8 weeks and she measured perfectly. That may not seem so miraculous except that "they" had been looking for her for 6 weeks, and she didn't show up till she was good and ready. She was on the Lord's timetable, and is a constant reminder to me that His timetable is often different than ours. And some days when I notice her reflection in the mirror, I wonder what life would have been like with two, but again, His ways are not our ways, and I have peace... even without understanding. I love you my chocolate covered Keilah Grace with cherries on top, and one day I want to get you that puppy on your t-shirt you so desperately want. ~ But not for a few birthdays...
Keilah's lunch choice: mac and cheese Easy enough for her mama!

Woofie aka Ruthie, her best bud
This year, the clan wore puppies in her honor.

Her first Webkin

Puppies Galore! I didn't have time to make a cake this year, so when I saw these at Walmart, all the guilt fled my body, and I snatched them up. Aren't they adorable?! They are cupcakes, under a mound of frosting fur. I bet some of you girlies out there could pull these off. Sarah? Jill? Naphtali? Lois?

She got her some Puppies in Her Pocket!

My chocolate covered kisses at bedtime with cherries on top!

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Me Girlz and Me Boyz

They drive me batty, but I sure do love em'!

"He Took My Sins Away"

Madeline identified herself with Christ Sunday night, and was baptized. We were thrilled for her as she has desired to do this for almost two years now. She was so happy and shared her testimony without a stitch of nerves showing. Definetely not from my gene pool...
We celebrated at home with a small group of close friends and this is the hymn that Madeline decided was her favorite, so we had it put on her cake. "He Took My Sins Away." The angels were rejoicing that night I'm sure. This girl has a heart for Christ! We pray this is just one of the first important decisions Madeline makes to obey and serve her Saviour during her lifetime.

Sleeping in Heavenly Peace

Notice anything different or out of place? What do I know about the famous manger scene? Maybe there were chocolate labs all snuggled under baby Jesus's bed of hay, and white sheepdogs hanging out with the sheperds and their flocks by night. I can't say for sure, but this is what I woke up to after Keilah Grace's birthday the next morning, and I thought it was the perfect manger scence for this house.

18 Months And Counting

Well, actually, 19 now, but I'm a month behind in blogging... Sophie's a ham always cocking her cute head now, and flashing us a toothy smile. She's in love with shoes and is always trapesing through the house with somebody's shoes on! She loves dogs, go figure, with her big brother and sister... She adores her Daddy and is more upset when he leaves than me! Again... go figure. But I love her anyway.

You Can't Catch Me, I'm The Gingerbread Man

Look closely, our "gingerbread man" has his hair in a perfect mohawk, and I find it terrible adorable. Hate me for torturing him.

In Everything Give Thanks...

We spent Thanksgiving Day with precious friends, the Shorma family, and had a wonderful day eating and visiting laughing, giggling, and sharing what we are most thankful for this year. Roxy was a fabulous hostess and always sets a beautiful table and buffet. I love how she layers her buffet with height. It really does make a difference and is so easy to do. You just put a pretty tablecloth over an array of pots and pans and have your dishes on top of them as well as just on the spread.

The girls and boys had alot of fun playing together that day. They spent alot of time outside and in the barn. It was cold, but the sunshine felt warm.

Turkey does make you tired...

Accidents Happen

Sophie joined the ranks with some of her siblings who have been rushed to the ER for stitches a few weeks ago. She fell down our wooden staircase, and must have hit one of the square rails on the way down. I just remember hearing thumpety, thump, thump. thump.
Pause. Big. Huge. Pitiful. Cry. No Wail.
I ran up the stairs and immediately closed my eyes as I scooped her up in my arms. "Jared, Jared!" I hollered. It's bad. She needs stitches. I just remember thinking that this is what the lifelike version of my science book illustrating what the different layers of skin must look like. She was miraculously done crying in about 20 minutes and didn't shed another tear until they strapped her into the papoose, a straightjacket for babies, so they could stitch her up. I, on the other hand, wasn't quite done yet. My poor baby. Isn't she a trooper?
I do think it will scar, but maybe bangs will be in by the time she's a teenager again. Oh well, accidents happen right?

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Yes, this is really Jared loading his gun while I stand there shocked that my husband, a relatively calm and cool collected individual is going to use his brand new bb-gun on the innocent neighborhood bunny population. I do realize they eat my yard from November to May and I have little twirling bare spots of sod come June. I argue they are hungry, but Jared, no Jared argues they are eating his hard earned money, and I give up. So I lose my battle to save the bunnies and I just get out my camera instead. ~ Good thing I wasn't in charge of the the Civil War or anything. I hope the neighbors don't turn us in for domestic bunny violence. I wonder what kind of jail time that invloves. Maybe I'll pick up that bb gun. I could use the vacation...

I Love Fall Colors

Ya, I know it's nearly winter now, and Christmastime and everything, but hear me out. I love fall colors and when I found these at Gymboree, it was love at first sight. I bought these for the girls, and only recently found coordinating sweaters for the boys fron the Children's Place for $5 a peice. Great deal people. Check em' out! Even Sullivan looks like he loves fall colors don't ya think? :) More like deer in the headlights...

Lexie always has thins funny look when we pull out the camera Sunday mornings. She seriously thinks she's allergic to the flash. Talk about drama. I love Keilah Grace's big toothy grin here and Harrison, well, I'll try to explain. Harrison's trying to keep his eyes open after Daddy reminds him to keep them open for pictures. Hilarious! Guess you had to be there...