Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year's Weekend

We spent a nice long weekend at my sista's house in St. Cloud for the holiday. We did a lot of relaxin'. I got out of my jammies once. It was so nice. I heart cozy jammies. We did a lot of fun munching including fun appetizers for New Year's Eve and Vikings cupcakes in honor of Brady's birthday. Thanks again Sarah! I loved the personal football cake. And for a first, we did gormet hotdog night which turned out to be a big hit. It was fun to pile the toppings on and just for fun Sarah threw in things like marshmallows and gummie worms, which of course, the kids stacked on in numbers. There was a lot of out of control wrestling with Uncle Shawn and after a few mishaps the nerf guns were put away for good. Ha! Sarah and I snuck away to Target for a good hour one night, and got a few good laughs in between my broken tailbone and her fall in the driveway. - Guess you had to be there. Tommy warmed up to Jared which is a huge feat for anybody and Sarah got a photo session in with Sophie and Sullivan. I can't wait to see the end results! I'll have to share the pix with you guys too. We all got a few snoozes in - which was dangerous by the way. Someone wrote on me with marker across my forhead and took a picture. Any confessions yet my dear family? And last, but not least, we watched "Slum Dog Millionare." Made you think kinda movie... Aaahh. Love the holidays, but so good to be home again.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thanks Nanny!

We got your boxes and had a fun night opening presents. We wish we could have you here to see our happy faces, but these will have to do.
Our cars have lots of miles on them already, and the puppies have been on many walks, and the girls even have their scrapbooks started! Everyone but Sophie had their jammies on here and was so excited. Can you tell? Ha!
We love you, and hope we can have a visit soon!

A Little Late...

But it's all packed up till next year now!
The manger scene from Fisher Price is a favorite, and I'm so glad I buckled and bought it a couple of years ago. We only pull it out at Christmas time, but then it actually gets played with. Take this scene for instance, notice the extra dogs next to the camel, and baby Jesus went missing in action after we watched the "Nativity" as a family. I tried to make sure the little ones realized Herod did not get baby Jesus as they were upset after that part... Yikes! Who knew I'd have to preview the Nativity? I hope baby Jesus shows up before next year... For some reason, this bothers me immensley, thinking he's drowning in the lego bin or something.

Our advent calender that we did faithfully - well 3 nights faithfully.

I have a love affair with greenery I realize, but it's classic, and you can keep it as traditional as you like or jazz it up all trendy. I'm mostly traditional as I'm sure you can see except in my girls' room where we had fun with a white tree this year, and are experimenting with red, pink, and orange decorations!
I didn't take many upstairs pictures this year mostly because of time and it would have been hard to see the decor in the messy funk we've been in lately. I need motivation people and well, a full time maid as well. I actually like to clean and organize, but diapers must be changed, little birdies must be fed, and I'm trying to remember to enjoy my rocking time as it goes by all to quickly.
I'm so pumped as I have to tell you I found an awesome deal on a Christmas village for next year. - You know the kind that lights up? I found 12 different peices at Target and paid $2.50 a peice! $25 for what would have been $100! Did you guys find any good deals after Christmas?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I did it!

Yes, I'm letting him cry at night. It took eight children and Sophie's 13 month stint to get Jared to talk me into it, but I'm tucking my sweet baby boy in around ten and not getting up to feed him until 5am. And I haven't drown in a pool of tears yet, either has he, in case you're wondering. He has a much happier mama and he himself seems to be pretty cheery too if you ask me. I'm so proud of my big 3 month man cub!

Because you Asked...

I have succommed, and cleared off the mother ship of all sectionals and took some pictures just for you.
We love it because it holds all of us - in one corner I might add. It's super comfy, and if it didn't hurt my broken tailbone right now, I might never get off.
It holds lots of clean laundry, lots of wild children and if done at the same time it equals one mad mama!
Don't you guys love my "coffee table?" We think about ditching it every now and then, but our feet would miss it terribly and I can't tell you how many lego houses and manger scenes have been acted out here.