Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Brady!

I can't believe my smallest baby (6 pounds even) is now 7 years old. You are such a sweet and tenderhearted boy Brady, and I'm so glad God gave you to us. You love to play outside, build legos and play with your webkin on the computer. You're a great reader, and I've enjoyed teaching you so much the last two years. Right now, your passion is football - Vikings football that is. So we had a lil' football theme going this year, and Dad was just as excited as the birthday boy. (especially when it came to picking out his first real "man" football. :) ) The biggest news for you this year is that you gave your heart to Jesus in May, and we hope you always have a tender heart for Him!
We had fun day celebrating. Brady's friend, Joshua came over and hung out all day, and we even splurged and went to McDonalds for happy meals. (since I was too lazy to drag all 7 kids into Sunmart for tuna fish sandwiches, which was his first choice. The drive-thru was much more appealing in this fridgid weather.) Since I had absolutely no food after our Christmas trip, Brady got to pick a restaurant to eat at for supper, and he chose IHop. I rather enjoyed his birthday this year. :) And just so you all know, IHop happened to have this great deal going on where kids eat free with each adult purchase, so we let Brady order off the adult menu, and the rest of em' ate free! And since it was Brady's big day, so did he! (The older two girls were still at Grandma's.)
Brady's been busy since about 6am every day since playing with all his new treasures from his fan club. Thank-you! He's definetely an early bird. Wish I could get busy at that hour, but more on that later. TTFN!
P.S. Don't you guys love the "game"wrapping paper I found at the dollar store? I got to get me some more!


The Christmas blizzard in the Fargo Moorhead area was pretty bad this year. We missed it by scooting out for the Cities a day early, but this is what we came home to. 17 inches to be exact. And the drifts are lower this year because we have a snow fence!
Jared got out his snowblower and went to town. For some reason the first snow is always fun. After that, and well, I'm ready for summer. It was -38 this week, and that was actual temperature. The windchill was -50 something. Who keeps track after that?
I love the last picture. Brady got stuck in the drift, and was not happy about our giggling and snapping pictures. Oh well, all my kids will probably need therapy for some reason or another.
Have a great week, and stay warm everyone!