Thursday, February 4, 2010

Udder Covers

This is absolutely amazing! I've seen these before and thought they were super cute, but didn't want to fork out that much cash. And did I mention I can't sew? No, you knew that. But Oh.My.Word. there's an awsome promotion going on with them right now! I just ordered one myself. You only pay the shipping and the rest - $32 something is free! I could hardly decide. Classic? Vintage? Bold? Oh the options.... Which one do think is me? I hope I made the right choice. When you've been nursing for like, ok, 10 years, this is really exciting! I have on more than one occasion been desperate enough to nurse through the ailses of Target and now I can without losing that blanket over my shoulder!

What are you all waiting for? Go get pregnant or buy one for someone who is! Just type in "cousin2" in the special promotions box.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Christmas Eve

There's a multitude of pictures here, but I couldn't leave any of em' out. Christmas Eve was a fabulous day. I hadn't broke my tailbone yet, me and my man were still speaking, and it was as always a lovely day with family.
Sophia took to Stacy right away. It was so sweet and she even resembles Stacy's baby pictures. I hope she turns out just as beautiful as her Auntie.
Jared smiling while fighting sleep deprivation.

All our yummy Rivers and Goetze food. ~ I finally got my taco dip fix compliments of Auntie Janice!
The girls all had their hair braided for a few days. They love the crimpy look. I thinkit's kinda cute too. Am I dating myself here? Course' I wasn't allowed to have crimpy hair - rebellious ya know... :) Tee Hee! (My parents have lightened up quite a bit now.)

Jared's Aunt Suzy who is such a sweet compassionate lady. We love you Suz!
Tina, Mandy, and Tom are all Jared's cousins. They are all super close, and it makes me miss my good times with Seth, Ash, and Madison, my cousins. Have to give you all a shout out! You are all so great, and we love you!

The "Sistas"
Mary, Joni, and Janice. We love you too. I can't believe how blessed we are to have such great Aunts and Great Aunts for our children to look up to.
And there aren't enough nice words for Grandma. We love you too!

Sophie enjoyed countless trips up and down the stairs. I just heart her little piggies.

My clan. No, they aren't all smiling, but good looking nonetheless, don't you agreee? I expect many comments about this picture.

Mandy's adorable little boys Ethan and Mason. They are rough and tough, but sweet as can be at the core. Brady and E have always been good buds.

Maddie, Lexie, and my nephling Jake. Wish I could claim him, but I can't. He's Stacy's, but we love em' anyway.

Uncle Jerry and Gramps. They were laughing here along with the rest of us about the joke Jerry told to lighten us emotional beings up. It worked. Wish I remembered it... Then Chuck read the Christmas story, and I have to say, it was a pretty special time as a family. We were all missing Grandpa this year very much, but I'd like to think if it's possible to peek down on the ones you love from heaven, Grandpa chuckled at the joke, and read right along with Chuck, and smiled at the ones he loved so much.
The ones he helped to shape and mold into the poeple they are today, people although imperfect, who love the Lord and love each other despite all of our weaknesses.

"Away in the Manger" with actions from Daddy and Keilah Grace

Grandma gave all the kids fun Gospel coloring books and Bibles with their names engraved on them in memory of Grandpa ~ by far our favorite gift, how special for them. I hope the older children will remember Grandpa's humble caring ways and pattern their life after him.

More sleep deprivation photos

Mother and Daughter ~ Aren't they cute and tiny?

Suzy with Grandma

Mother and Daughter again. These are the mushy lovey dovey ones. I like them too. :)

Austin checking out his new Bible. I hope he knows it inside out like his Grandpa.


To Christmas in the Cities for awhile! I have so many pictures to share. I almost don't know where to start, and if I've already lost your interest, don't come back for a few posts, cause' it'll be red and green, wrapping paper, and Christmas cookies all over again, but this time with our family on the Minnesota side.
The kids all enjoyed playing outside a ton because of all that snow we got, and it was so warm to boot. Around 30 I think. Not so good for driving, but perfect for that snowman I meant to take a picture of.
Grandma's poor entryway was always littered with coats and stray mittens and your straggling snow clumps. Reminds me of my entryway on any given day...
Noah grew up this year and pretty much ditched Keilah for the big boys. Can't say I blame him. She was hoping he would remain her personal puppy forever. HA!
I love the snow angels shot. They were so proud of themselves!
I have to point out Lexie and Keilah's snowsuits from Hannah Anderson. Wait don't judge me. I did not spend $350 on the complete ensemble right down to matching mittens and hats. I found them for around $40 at this super cute resale shop in St. Cloud with my sister's help. Ok. I realize I could probably do better than that on the price end of things, but you can't get any cuter than these snowsuits and I'm sure they'll last for each of our girls. Sorry Sophie! I hope you like these, cause' you're stuck with em'!
There was bowling and games and more bowling and more games, and an endless amount of treats to snack on during the weekend. My new personal favorite were the oreo truffles which I do not have a photo of because I ate all of them!
Auntie Jenn played Life with the kids a few times, bless her heart... Over and over again. What Aunties do for their neices and nephews. Thanks Jenn. The silence for us was golden.
Well, I'll have more up later. I think it'll take me awhile to plow through these. I'm going to enjoy reminiscing ~ well, except for that tailbone incident and that "tiny winy tif" Jared and I got into... I promise I don't have pics to go with those!