Saturday, February 20, 2010

Random Chatting

I made this a few weeekends ago when my sister came to town and us girls took off for a local pottery store and then had lunch at Qdoba. It was a fun afternoon and I had fun trying my hand at something creative when these days I feel very uncreative. Notice Keilah Grace's mouth. I thought it very fitting of her most of the time. -trying not to show people she really is happy. :) That's our Keilah!

Anywhoo, the rest of the pics are just random shots of the kiddos. Sullivan snoozing on the Mother Ship, Keilah Grace sharing some snuggles, (You can just pick out the scar on her cheek from her stitches. That's another story though...) and the big kids before "Pajama Day" at school last week. (Notice Brady's choice Grandma!)

On another note, I've just been trying to get into a groove and find our new normal with the kids in school. We've had alot of changes here, but I know they've been good ones for our family. I miss them terribly, but I do have 5 other little ones to keep me occupied while they are gone, and the time does seems to fly. Evenings are filled with homework and piano now, and supper and showers get squeezed in there somehow too. I've taken the time to read books and snuggle my little ones and allow toys and bubbles in the tub, tickle sessions and kisses on boo -boos. Things that had taken a backseat for awhile at this residence. I'm grateful to be taking in all motherhood has to offer again, and still feeling overwhelmed with what I need to accomplish and don't throughout the day.

I love it when Jared can be in town. Parenting alone is no fun. I'm constantly reminded of how hard that would be when he's gone, but thank goodness I know when he does return he pitches right in and is such a good Daddy. He took them sledding today and apparently, they were all "Shaun White" on their sleds. HA! Wish I could have seen it. Maddie has found her nitch. Miss "Freaky Deaky."

We've had alot of company which we always enjoy and next week the girls and I are off to the Cities for some girl time with a good friend. Can't wait Becca!

My goal for now is to get caught up around the house. I've gone through every nook and cranny and gotten rid of tons of stuff. It's been fun to share our goods with friends and even make some extra cash on the side selling to different consignment shops around town. I decided against a garage sale this summer to simplify my life a bit and am so glad I did. I didn't expect it, but made almost $400 just selling odds and ends, so purge friends, purge! It'll feel great. Now, I just have to keep the place picked up long enough to actaully clean my house, You know the grime, dust, and dirt that doesn't go away even when you have everything picked up and organized. I feel like I go in circles though and it's a mini miracle when those basics get done everyday. I used to stay up all night two or so nights a week just to keep up on those things, but I can't do it anymore., I must be getting old - that or lazy. Any ideas? What do you guys do to keep up on things like laundry or cleaning? Tell me. I need help. I'm a perfectionist, so my struggle seems to be if I can't do it the way I want, I don't do it at all. And the fairies don't seem to know my address, so I've lost hope in that regard. HA!

Hope this finds you all well and croup free! We have a few barking seals here. Over and Out!

Auntie Jenn

Jared's sister, Jenn, came for a visit last weekend and we all had such a nice time.

We started out Saturday morning with omletts made to order and while Jenn took off with Lexie for a quick visit to a local Bible conference to visit with old friends, I get a quick snooze in and Jared, who was soooooo sick held down the fort while the kids were napping and reading.
Jenn and I then headed out for pedicures and did a few quick errands around town. I love how my toes turned out. The gal hand-painted these on, and they make me feel all summery inside. It doesn't take much in February!

We sat down to a nice chicken casserole with a glorified salad and Jared's special buns ( sorry, no picture), and you guessed it, some southern iced tea. I heart our new tea maker. It's been fun for Jared to experiment with it lately.

Jenn made these adorable heart bars with the girls and we enjoyed them with our lunch on Valentine's Day. They were so good - the recipe was from Pillsbury.

Only about half of us made it to church Sunday morning. Jared and the rest of the sickies had to stay home. :( But he had a good start on our special Valentine's Day lunch when we got home. Note to self: Start roast much earlier next time. We had to save that for dinner.... AAAAUhhggg! I haven't done that in years!

We love you Auntie Jenn! Thanks for the special visit and playing "Life" with us all afternoon. Doesn't Maddie look like Jenn? I swear I'd think she was hers and not mine if I didn't know I birthed her sunny side up myself without an epidural! - But that's another post! Ha!

Sophie's Busy Days

I'll leave out all the trouble out of this post that she regularly gets into. She's a busy girl and loves sneaking into the pantry to get into the fruit snacks with Harrison and she's getting quite vocal with her opinions. She loves dollies and moster trucks, one in each hand of course. And don't think the dollie will win out! HA! She loves her baths as long as I allow her to turn rasin like, and she would prefer to run through her days naked without a shed of clothing on her body. Her sippy cup and bunny are her best friends and I can't keep those earrings in for the life of me now.

Here's Sophie looking at books which she loves regardless of whether they are upside down or not!

I put some mousse in her hair after her bath the other day to see what her curls would do with some help and this is what we got. I think it's cute, but I don't even put any styling products in my hair most days, so she's out of luck. :)

Sophie loves her Daddy and they got in quite a few couch snuggles this week cause' Daddy was in town. Yay!

Need I title? Caffine and chocolate in the same picture. She's already a woman and sees the need...
We love you Sopher Gopher!

Friday, February 19, 2010

4 Months

Sullivan is a whopping four months now and over 13 pounds, my biggest baby at this age. I'm so proud! I think he's going to follow Brady's build, I'm so excited. I always thought Brady was the cutest chub by 9 months, and I actually prayed for a baby with Brady's build and Austin's hair. Kinda silly, but after a few babies, I think I might have him.

What are you doing at four months?

Smiling a ton! And at people who aren't even paying you any attention.

Trying to "sit" by doing tummy crunches.

Sleeping through the night, a personal favorite...

Grabbing and reaching for toys

Hollering and cooing

Enjoys watching the colors on TV. Kinda scary... I need to get you a Praise Baby DVD.

Wearing 3-6 months clothes. I hate packing up that first batch of teeny weeny clothes.

Totally recognizes Daddy and your big brothers and sisters. I love the smiles you flash them!

You are soooo happy to see me when I come to get you in the morning. You just smile and smile! I miss you too!

Your tongue hangs out quite a bit these days.

You also like to suck on your fingers before I catch you and trade them for your nucky. You don't seem to mind yet. :)

I can't wait to see how big you are tomorrow at Dr. Welle's. I can hardly believe it's been four months already. We love you Sully Wully!