Thursday, March 4, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Alright, I hope this isn't super tacky, but other than resetting the bedding up in the crib folks, I scrounged around looking for pictures I already had that would hopefully serve the same purpose. Ignore the cute baby. We are keeping her - for now.

They are completely and totally out of order here. My bedding is microsuede down and comes with two matching pillow shams. It is washable and doesn't have any stains. It is rather feathery so to speak, but oh well. I have a coordinating deeeeeep red sheet set. (all queen of course.) The pillows set this off nicely, but I would be willing to separate. -

$10 for the comforter and shams
$10 for the sheet set
$10 for the throw pillows
$25 takes all

I do not have a picture of my tan microsuede shower curtain. Great shape by the way. But all my towels are also in deep tones of red, brown, gold, green, and khaki. NO stains or tears, nice shape as well... These are the master bedroom things if you haven't figured that out already. -

$5 shower curtain
$20 for all my towels (6 bath towels, 10 washcloths, and 10 hand towels)

The Pottery Barn crib bedding is in excellent shape. I used this for only one child, and I never actually used the quilt. It was just draped for decoration. The crib ruffle, sheet, and bumper is all coordinating. It's from the same line, but not matchy, matchy. Everything looks brand new except for the sheet which is slightly faded, again, no tears or stains. - $50 (The sheet is still available online for $14 if you want an extra.)

My Eiffle Tower lamps are also up for grabs. They are a dark brownish/black complete with hip square shades. -$25 (The shades alone were $15 a peice.)

White Tie Up curtains - washable and also in mint condition. $8

Curtain Rods - old world look / oil rubbed bronze $15 (These were super spendy for me two years ago.)

Of course, if I'm shipping, I'll have to charge you that. Otherwise, I can show up on your doorstep or you can show up on mine if you want to check it out yourself.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BOys ROom UPdate

Don't you love this sign? Ok, I totally realize I'm biased with the names and all, but really, isn't this the cutest?

The colors don't do this justice at all, but you can check out this website and order your own at

I'm confident you'll be drooling by the time you flip through her website.
My boy's room is small and since their is three, soon to be four in there at some point, I had to have her do a name duo. I'm planning on having her do Harrison and Sullivan as well. Kim, are you taking orders yet?

Anywoo, just thought I'd let you peek. It looks even more amazing next to the bedding and all, but I thought the shot would be better if the beds were - well, made... Thus, the boring wall picture with no bedding. But I think she stands alone in all her glory just fine don't you?

PS. I found this cutie that hold all of Harrison's clothes for now for $30 at a thrift store. It's just missing one knob that I've yet to replace. Home Depot, here I come.

Update on the Girls Room

Hey, I know it's been forever since I said I would get this to you, but here they finally are. Pictures of the steals I found for the girls room....

We bought this shelf from some friend at our church. The Dad made it for his girls. I just love the carved hearts in it. It's sooo sturdy, heavy like all get out, but solid. It holds all their books and then some. The orange and hot pink metal bins I was given and found at the thrift store. They hold all their purses and current reading material. It's the perfect spot for little girl clutter. :)

I ordered this amazing peice of art for the girls as a surprise after I gave up on painting circles all over their walls. I still love the idea, but the stencil kit and the cost of the lil' cans of paint alone all added up to this and I chose simplicity and perfection. IT'S worth every penny! You can browse her site at The artist's name is Kim and I'm positive once I'd convinced her I'm not a stalker we'd be fast friends. She has a great blog, and makes me laugh constantly by keeping it real and being transparent as a mom and artist. Give her a look up, and don't be afraid to order. They are much more breathtaking in person!

The last shot is the $5 shelf I found at a lakeside garage sale this summer. I adore it in all it's rusty orange glory and it makes the perfect spot to display the girl's treasures. I've had to stifle my opinions in this area as I prefer the clean magazine look, but they really are little girls for such a short time, and I can give up one room right? I want this to be their oasis - not mine.

More from me soon. I can't wait to tell you about my trip to the Cities! We ended with a bang or should I say stitch? Wait and See!