Thursday, March 11, 2010

3,2,1, Blastoff!

3 years old - You are undoubtably adorable!

You love your blanky and your fingers.

You are talking non-stop now saying the funniest things. I love age three for this very reason.

You love monster trucks and the color pink.

Yes, that was in the same sentence.

Unashamedly, you pick pink every. single. time.

You love Sunday school.

You love coloring.

We love to hear you sing while you're in your carseat. " Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!"

You love your "Baby Cinnamon." (Sullivan)

You love to play baseball. (We thought it best to invest in a soft one since you are only one of two that hasn't had stitches yet. You scared Mommy and Daddy more the first ten days of your life to compensate for that.)

You love puppies.

And you love your new motorcycle you got for your birthday. Too bad it isn't pink.

2 years
1 year

Days old ~ Struggling to get breath on your ownthose first couple of weeks. (For those who don't know, Harrison had a very rough start. He was born prematurely with underdeveloped lungs, developped a pneumothorax, (tear in his lungs) and had bouts of SVT needing to be shocked back into a normal heart rythym. Thanks again Nurse Kelli! We love you forever and forever!
I've never been to the doctor more in my life than that first year lil' Hair Bear, but we are eternally grateful for your full recovery and can't imagine what our lives would be like without your antics. You stole our hearts 3 years ago, and nearly broke it into peices... Thank-you Jesus for saving my baby, and restoring him and his heart. Now save it one day, so he can share with others what You did for him.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birthdays, Bras, and Biting the Dust

The day did start out nice.

The kids slept till almost 7am.

They ate.

Becca opened an early birthday gift.

The girls went swimming again.

No one drowned.

Always a positive on my watch.

We headed back to the room to get dressed for the day.

The girls hopped in the shower.

Then IT happened.

Terrible crash in the bathroom.


Me running as fast as I can to the bathroom over suitcases and naked toddlers.

Terrified scream ensues.

Me: What happened?

Stupid question huh...

Madeline looked terrified with eyes bulging out of sockets.

Me: You're ok. You're ok.

Maddie has her hands over her chin area still looking horrified.

Me: Maddie, why do you have your hands there? Move them. You're ok. You're ok.

Maddie removes hands.

Silent inward scream - Where is Jared??!!

You're not ok. You're not ok. But you will be. You will be.

I have no idea why I said this accept that maybe I was talking myself through the big gaping hole in her chin just as much as I was trying to talk Madeline through it.

I yelled for Becca to call the front desk and get them to print out directions to the nearest ER. I knew. 6 out of 8 have had stitches and somehow you just know.

Really. You know.

This was Maddie's 2nd time.


Everyone has a talent.

I guess this is Maddie's.

Back to my horrific story.

The manager rushed right up with directions.

Ironic now, cause' we had asked for towels twice at this point with no success.

Word of advice: Just have someone slip in the tub and gash their chin open. You get the royal treatment - directions, towels, whatever.

Mind you, there were 2 undressed adults still in their pj's, 2 very wet little girls running around in their swimsuits, a crying baby, a bigger crying naked wet baby, and we needed to get out of there fast!

Thankfully, the staff agreed to walk the two blocks to get my monster van for me so we could just do a drive by and pick up all the wettlings and fly to Children's Hospital.

Becca read off some fairly easy directions and away we went. No Ikea. No fun shopping,. No relaxed lunch.

And no bra.

Ya, I'm forgetful like that in pannicked moments.

Once upon a time, this would not have been an issue.

No it would not.

No one notices when one forgets their training bra at age 20.

But alas, after nursing 8 small cows I do not need a training bra anymore.

I learned there were letters after A.

Did you know it continues on down the alphabet?

All the way down?!

I'm down to a D now.

I'd rather be an A kind of gal just so you know.

Anywhoo, back to my horrific, helpless, bleeding child with a hole in her chin.

Yes, this post is about her not me.

Or is it?

They stitched her up right good at Children's and after a mere 3 hours there...

Waiting, Waiting, Watching Ice Age, Waiting,

Some girl, I mean woman came in to do the honors.

You know you're getting old when the doctors are younger than you.

14 stitches, 1 infection, 2 antibiotics, and 1 memorable trip later...

We have decided next time,

We're going without children.

And we have free night on the Holiday Inn to boot!

Are you in Becca?

Afer all,

Everyone bites the dust every now and then.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Girl's Weekend!

First things first of course.

We manage to spill 6 full glasses of drinks including red fruit punch.

Ya, we're coordinated like that.

Only after combing the food court for over 10 minutes looking for a table, but to no avail. We settle for the floor, and then oops, we spill on that too.

5 frantic minutes later, some family took pity on us and our "situation."


We shared some chairs, but at least we were at a table and not on the floor.

Course, I had to pick ice chips out of the food before we could start. So typical of us.

I'm sure klutz will be worked into our tombstones somehow.

American Girl, here we come!
The girls had a blast browsing and shopping, spending some long saved money on a few things they had their eye on.
Lexie insisted using her own money to buy Karis her first real American Girl doll. She is generous like that. Kinda makes me tear up. Can I say I'm proud of her?

We sorta had a bit too much time on our hands before our dessert reservations so we hogged one of the lone hot pink benches in the store for awhile and pulled out our juice boxes.
Ya, we do think ahead like that sometimes. Pat. Pat.

Keilah Grace picked out her very first big girl American doll. Mini of course. We're not gazillionares.
Choosing was so hard, but so cute. She picked out "Roofie" (Ruthie) of course.

Dessert was definetely a highlight for the girls.
Becca and I passed.
I settled on a Pepsi.
My sugar choice is soda if you haven't figured that out. I heart soda.

The dolls aparently aren't given any food unless it's a meal???
The desserts were just as much as a meal.
Oh well, the girls didn't notice, so I shouldn't complain either.
But they should have gotten a cinnamon muffin ~ Just sayin'.

Desserts of choice: Brownie Sundae, Fruit Fondue, Ice Cream Cones, and Strawberry Milkshake.
It's so fun to give the children choices when so much of the time, we make those for them out of necessity.

Notice how pleasured Keilah Grace is here.
So grateful.
I love her spoiled rotteness anyway.

Bored Baby.
Only man on the trip.
Screamed the last twenty minutes on the way home, cause' that's his job.

Last surprise for the girls that day: Build A Bear!
I had told them we were going to a special store to do a research paper.
They believed me and put on a fake smile because they could tell I was soooooo excited.
Cruel, I know.

This was super fun and I highly reccomend it! Pick out bear or dog if you're Keilah Grace.
She's obsessed, but too young to be put on medication I'm told.
Stuff bear to desired filling. Hard, soft, or medium. Reminded me of Goldilocks.
Fill bear with sweet heart of choice - again hard or soft fabric and sew shut.
Of course, before the sewing was done, the gal had the girls do some cute ryme about

Now on to the grooming and fluffing under the lights.
They took this so seriously.
Maybe Keilah will put all this energy into an MD one day ~ for dogs of course. Is that called an MD?

They each picked out super cute outfits according to their personalities and dressed them here in the "Dressing Rooms."

End Result: Dressed bears, happy children, TIRED MAMAS!

Note to self: Do not plan girl's weekend at the Mall of America on a SATURDAY when there are THREE events there already!
Parking was a madhouse!
We planned on doing a bit of shopping and then doing dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, but we wimped out and slinked back to our hotel early.

Girls started to change and get ready to swim.
They were soooooooo excited!
Until I realized two swimsuits were still sitting packed. at. home.
Lots of whining began at this point.
It's not like we could say, "I'm sorry, next time girls."
No, we could not.
I was tempted.
Thus, we packed the crew up and walked the two blocks to our monster van.
Ya, I was too big for the parking garage. I Rock like that.
Yet another thing I'm too large to fit into these days.

Swimming resumes after a trip to the local Walmart.
The selection was ummm... slim pickings, but we grabbed the last two 4-5's and made a beeline for the Subway inside Walmart.
Nothing like branching out and trying something new on vacation.
But we were staaarrrving, and surprisingly, unless we drove back to the Mall of America, there weren't any other options.
Imagine that.

Poolside cuddles.
He was all sweet looking here.
Don't let him fool you.
We roamed the halls for hours that night.
Becca, not the baby.

She was so proud of herself for getting in by herself for the first time!

Some of my Fav-O-Rite people!

Miss Cancer in all her scarfly glory.
I'll let her explain. She has a blog too.
Crackpot. I mean A Cracked Pot.
Check her out and pray for her if you think about it.
I heart her even with cancer and all those beans she's comsuming these days.
Sidenote: I crack jokes when I'm scared and love someone so much it hurts.
End of Sidenote.
We were in bed by ten.
We're exciting like that.
Look what 15 years will do, that and 10 children combined.

KG had to wear my jammies.
Cause' I forgot her packed bag.
I slept naked.
Just kidding!!!
More later, and I'll really put you in stitches!
P.S. I'm really not this funny in real life.

This isn't necessarily a bad hair day for our Sophie.

It's actually pretty typical.

Not sure what I can do if anything about it, but this is what she looks like 95% of the time.

The other 5% we're in public, and I wet it down and put it in a piggy.

A very small piggy.

It has this crazy texture and a curl every now and then, but this is what it usually resembles.

I hope she grows out of this by the time she's a teenager.

Any suggestions for our little homemade mullet?