Friday, April 9, 2010

We're Going to Disney World!

That's right, we won a tickets to Disney World at the kid's Family Fun Night a few weeks ago.

Yep, I just had to put our last few stray tickets in those buckets for kicks.

I was really hoping for Astro Start!

But alas, we won the Hopper Passes.


So the dilema now is Who and When and With what Moolah?

We won four passes, which by the way are only good for a day there.

They'll be making money on us for sure!!

The passes are good for two years so I guess it's a good kick in the pants to save up for something we've always wanted to do anyway.

Plane tickets, accomodations, and food should pretty much eat our entire retirement. Ha!

I'm not complaining.

We were all pretty giddy that night.

I hadn't won anything like a prize since the first grade cake walk, so I was really due...

If anyone has any great secrets to getting good deals or tips I'd love them!

The rest of the evening was filled with tatoos, face painting, green and red hair, buckets of candy, and lots of fun and games for the kiddos!

I had some fun with the silent auctions which were awesome!

There had to be 100 themed baskets, and I came home with 3!

Jared might not let me go back next year!

The money all goes to the school though, so it's totally worth it and I came home with some pretty neat things for a super good deal!

Well, I'm hoping to get oodles of advice on Disney World.

Bring it on!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm a Big Girl Now

The first monumental hair cut is always hard for me.
In some way it signifies the reality that my baby is growing up.
Jared was pressing around her birthday for this to be done.
After all, she had some pretty long scragglies.
Maybe it's because she's always had a nice chunk of hair.
Maybe it's because she's my first true blondie.
Maybe it's becuase the older my older kids get, the younger I realize they all are.
And time is going by way too fast.
But I did it.
It's cut.
And yes, I cried.
And yes, she looks older.
But it's healthy and adorable in it's own four year old way.
And she's pretty stinkin' proud of it too!

Marvelous Things

"Oh sing to the Lord a new song!

For He has done marvelous things."

~ Psalms 98:1

Easy Peasy

I did this with the girls this month.

They love projects.

I do too, depending on the project.

This one was right up my ally.



No mess involved.

In fact, I bet most of you have everything for it right now.

Canning jars.

Leftover fabric.

Hair ribbon from my girl's stash.


I heart my lablemaker.

These make great inexpensive gifts and cheer up any countertop.

PS. Easter candy is on clearance!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ressurection Day

Hello Everyone!

I know it seems like eons since I've done any type of writing to let you know what's been going on here, but we've been crazy busy lately, and yesterday was no different.

We colored eggs, and did the "Ressurection Eggs" with the children. We look forward to this every year as a special family tradition. They are a great visual tool in relaying the Gospel to your little ones! I highly reccomend these. I've seen homemade versions of these and I'm sure you could look it up online and save some moolah going that route.

The kids surprised us in a good way by decorating their eggs with crosses and sweet notes to Jesus. We had asked them to decorate their eggs with what their idea of Easter was, and they did this on their own. It was precious as a parent to realize that yes, they do realize what we're truly celebrating in their own small way.

I cheated on the table this year, but sorry, red and khaki just don't do it for me for Easter, and you gotta love paper!

We try and keep it small for the kiddos as far as Easter buckets go at our house. We try and fill it with actual needs like new pencils and erasers and of course, their flip-flops for summer. The older ones usually get a new book to add to our ever growing collection. I don't do much candy. It seems like they always have enough of that!

I just love my springy looking fridge. I'm telling you, the artwork has improved greatly around here since the kids went to school. I'm not an artsy kind of girl. Love the end result, but not really a project craftin' type. The work it entails with 8 children sends me over the edge. One day, I'll get back to my sewing machine and scrapbooks... I do love my projects!

Ya, this cute bunny ran into our staked tree and put two holes into his head. I'm sure they would have glued him up had we brought him in, but I opted to squeeze them together and slap a bandaid on them. Manly scars in the future? Maybe, but there are sponges around all our tree stakes now.

Harrison came into our bedroom this morning and greeted me with "Happy Eeether Mom!" Melt.My. Heart. The day began sweetly, and the joy of eating Cadburry Easter eggs was shocking but thrilling to my children. Chocolate for breakfast? I do very unmotherly things like that on holidays. :)

Sophie looking rather irritated about her bucket find.

Alexis surprised me with my very own bucket. Melt. My.Heart.All.Over.Again. ~ Not that I can have any of it. How could she know she should have filled my eggs with lettuce and beans? I especially thought her note was cute, and no we're not expecting. We're happy with 8. For now anyway...

Oh My Lanta! Are these not the cutest bunch of children that aren't your own? Ok. It is my blog people, and I believe in the fine print you can brag about how cute your children are.

Nough Said.

Sidenote: Ties were made by incredibly talented new friend Lindsay... Check her out and her amazing prices on her adorable baby/children items in her etsy shop

I could gobble him up right here. The cuteness is overwhelming at times!

Cept' for grumpy at the end, this was relatively successful for four sisters in the chilly morning hours.

My other cute, could gobble him up so much it hurts - oh, that's another post. Sorry.

Sullivan's first Easter bib. This is what he got in his bucket today!

Be.Still.My.Beating.Heart. The profile on this kid is well - ok, I'll hush now...

Are you not smiling? Who can not smile at this ridiculously adorable face?

Almost ready for lunch...

Jesus is risen! Hallelulah! Thank-you for saving me from my sin.

"I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Me." ~ Jn. 14:6

We had our neighbors over for lunch and had a fabulous time together. Suzanne has become a great friend, and does so much for us! She brings my kids home every day from school. I know. She deserves a medal. I'm in the market. Let me know if anyone has any leads.

Sophie tuckered out before we finished lunch so she and Harrison waited until after their naps to get their egg hunt in.

We decorated bags while the Daddies and David hid all the eggs. All 80 of them! Thanks Daddie's! We had such a blast! From out in the yard for the little ones, to up high on the gutters and and swingset for the older ones, this was a big hit, and I'm sure made the tradition list in our family!

"A gween one!" Keilah Grace loves her some green!

Brady's off and running!

You gotta love some cute rainboots. A girl's gotta wear what a girls gotta wear...

Austin Pooh

Can you spot the egg in this picture? Let me know if you can!

I know, I'm pasty. Suzanne just got home from a cruise. I choose not to be jealous.

Our Boyz! ~Joshua, Bradyn, and Austin

All jammied up, Harrison was ready for his turn after his nap.

Sophie was so excited to spot an egg in plain view!
I just love this age.

Checkin' out the new digs...

We had a fabulous day and wanted to share it with you. Hope you all had a great day celebrating our risen Saviour too!