Tuesday, April 13, 2010

6 Months

You are undeniably adorable.

You are in love with your mamma.

You cry when I walk into the room.

Take that however you want.

I choose to think he luvs his mama.

You play with toys and roll around to get to what you want.

You fell out of your bouncy seat.


Yes, use the seatbelt that is there poeple.

Laminate floors are well, hard.

Maybe we better buckle you in your carseat too I see.

You're hanging out in dreamland.

You are my earliest eater of food.

You love both vegies and fruit, and cereal.

We're going the organic route this time.

Your poop has changed.

Oh, was that too much information?

Sorry, I'm a proud Mommy like that.

We recognize all major milestones.

We enjoy laughing at you when we put you in dolly mode.

You got stuck under the train table and were not happy!!

Am I cruel for not rescuing you and running to get my camera?

You still prefer your fingers to your nuky, but I'm still fighting you on this and hard!!

Most of all, we love you more this month that we did last month, and I'm sure we'll love you more next month than we did this month.

We're weird like that Sully Wully.

But then again, you know that already.

Cherish Family

Update: I put this cutie over my hallway entrance. Just lettin' you know since I promised!

Puffy Heart

My Big Boy just loves, loves my Little Boy.

He is always there to rescue him from a forgotten corner, play peek a boo, and toddle around with him in tow showing him the world in the sweetest highest pitch voice ever.

And as my friend Lindsay says over at http://www.yoderlife.blogspot.com/ "I puffy heart them."

I thought you would too...


Someday, I'm convinced I will miss these rows of cars that constantly line random areas of our home.

For now, I try hard not yelp in pain and holler out some random speech about responsibility and "when I was a kid..."

After all, he is a fresh 3. I'll have him grow up and become responsible tomorrow.

Today, I'm going to enjoy my irresponsible boy, and all his randomness.