Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sunday Morning Criers

Ya, always seem to have at least one crier in the bunch.

And tomorrow is Sunday.

Heaven help me.

Gotta love this one! Jared was "threatening" Lexie with a "You better look up and smile for Daddy right now this very instant" speech.
Like I said, tomorrow is Sunday.


Lexie and Maddie along with Keilah Grace are in gymnastics and having a ball! It's been such a fun activity for them. They come home so tired! Lexie is napping as I type this up. It's obviously been great excercise and they are motivated to get better so they can learn to do flip flops. They are going to try and make the acro team this month. Yikers! Their mama is their biggest cheerleader, and even if they don't make the cut, they're #1 in my book!

Birthday in Rewind

I know, he's been 3 for almost 2 months.

So goes my life right now.

I got this way cute book for my sis Sarah, but snagged Harrison's birthday cake idea from it first.


Super easy.

Super fun.

Super cute turnout.

Since I turned him down when he requested lemon meruang cupcakes, I brought this to the table, and he went with it.

Yes, I know I spelled meruang very, very wrong.

You can take the time to look it up.

I choose not to.

Lazy me.

We were so glad Grandpa and Grandma helped us celebrate your special day!
Mama rarely gets her picture with any of you!

You chose enchiladas for your supper. Yummy! I love this recipe too. It's so simple.

You love balls, and I found you one with Lightening McQueen on it!

Daddy was in town that week and came home to surprise you for your birthday.
Man that Dew looks scrumptous.

My boys love their Monster Trucks!

And their Cars!

And their Dogs!

What's a ball without a bat you say?
Sorry it took Mommy so long to get pics up for everyone Hairbear. We love you, and can't wait to see what the next year entails.
Mommy's goal: To potty train you and get you through this next year without stitches.
I know. I have high expectations.
Maybe just potty train you...

Eggbake and Dogpiles

We started off our Saturday with Grandpa and Grandma with a yummy Farmer's eggbake. I always end up having to cook those boogers almost twice as long as needed. Really! Why don't they just say that in the actual recipe! This one calls for green peppers and muchrooms which I love, so I made a separate one for the kiddos who aren't as daring in their breakfast endeavors.

The kids love to dogpile on Grandpa! Even Sophie got into it, and the new "mothership" couch proves to make itself useful holding all their bodies!

At first, there was much laughter.

And then random bodies began to fly, and as usual tears followed. Sigh...

There weren't any shipwrecked kiddos for too long anyways. I think Grandpa was pretty whipped though.

Awwwww... Grandpa and Sullivan.

All ready for Sunday school!
We had such a good time Grandpa and Grandma! We can't wait to see you next weekend!