Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chunky Mama's Race

More on this over here ~
Aren't you curious?

Once Again

Scroll down to see latest post that decided to post in the wrong place. GGrrrrr! Lots of pics of the kiddos over the last month... It's right after the Awana Awards.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again

Awana Awards night ended up with lots of smiles for all five clubbers this year. They memorized over 40 verses a peice and had different projects besides. We're so proud of you all! Keep hiding God's Word in your hearts!

~ "Hide Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against Thee." ~


I posted about my set of Crabs and weird, it showed up a post down, so scroll down my friends. Why do these things happen to me. RE - DONK- U- LOUS!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing

Just a few pictures of the kiddos the last month to let you all know all I ever do is sit on the couch and eat bon bons.

I Seriously hope he's teething. Nough said.
Sophie insisted on wearing a pull up, and well it just wouldn't stay up!

Sullivan finds a dolly, and likes to chew on her.
The girls wait for their morning ride to school in their NDSU gear.

Aaawww. My thumb and finger suckers.

Sophie loves her some sugar!

Work those abs Sullivan!

Sully's first puffs. He liked em'.

Sophie found her chessy grin.

We have some serious corndog lovers around here.

Spring Changes

I rearranged the living room and did a little spring sprucing, and no it's not always dusted and perfectly swept, but who wants to take a picture of a grungy living room?

Ok. I admitt. I'd like to see yours in disarray. I find those much more appealing. It means your normal. Ha!

I changed out our bedding after 3 years. I tire easily, and like to change things up a bit. But I refuse to repaint until I'm 80, so I knew I had to find something to go with chocolate brown walls and my chocolate brown velour curtains. The swirls in the bedspread our all chocolate velour, so it really stands out now. Now I just have to get those curtains drycleaned. The dust bunnies after 3 years are even getting to Jared!

I have a few more projects I want to accomplish before my older, wiser villagers return from school for the summer. Like framing pictures of Sullivan. At least one. Hanging a wedding photo of the two of us. I have zilch up now, and that struck me as sad one day. And other than getting my house deep cleaned and getting ready for my monster garage sale in a couple of weeks, and my scrapbooks and babybooks caught up, and my blogging pictures posted and my legs shaved and you get the picture... It's a work in a progress aroung here.

My main focus right now is taking care of Picky Porky and getting him to eat and out of the hospital and back home. Thanks for all your prayers and words of encouragement through a phone call or facebook message. It's funny how one line can really boost a spirit. :) Over and out. Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll get to shave tonight. Now that would benefit Jared too. Ha!

I love Crabs

These beauties made it through the winter and I just had to show them off. I think they cheer me up every time I look out our windows. The Snowcrab sits outside our kitchen window and will shade our future deck and the Red Splendor Crab tree sits out of the little girl's room in all it's pink glory. This one grows red berries on it over the fall and so throughout the winter it still looks pretty.

Picky Porky

Well, here's an update on "Picky Porky."

Friday, we all shuttled over to Sullivan and Sophie's well check. I knew he was definetely on the smaller side of all my small children except for Chunky Brady, but that's another post.

Anyhow, Spohie is hhmmm.... Overweight apparently. "Fluffy." were Dr. Welle's words. Must be put on skim milk. We only ever drink skim milk here. I decided not to inform him of this. After all, I am seriously not concerned over Sophie's "fluffiness."

On to the matter at hand. Mr. Picky Porky.

Picky Porky has only grown a half pound or so since December. And only 3 plus pounds since his birth 7 months ago. I can't think right now to try and remember the ounces. I'm sleeping on a waif at the hospital. You understand right?

Well, Mr. Picky Porky has only ever nursed and has refused to take any and all supplementation. He's got great big brains in there and there's just been no fooling him. We have tried different bottles, different formula, goat's milk, and of course, different feeders other than myself. Well, we'd pretty much given up after two months. He was hungry and fussy, so I began giving him baby food. He does not like cereal, but seems to love him some vegies and fruit and had just started on meats. I thought it had really seemed to help. He was even eating those little puffs for babies.

Sidenote: I've had to begin supplementing with all my babies around this age because I just don't make enough to satisfy them after a certain age. Without writing a book on this, I've had breast surgeries on both of my breasts to remove benign tumors before I had children. This said, I have a lot of scar tissue that impales my ability to make milk past a certain point. Are you bored yet?

Anywhoodle, Dr. Welle insited that we admitt him to force some food into his system. He is thinking that Sullivan just got used to the sensation of being hungry and knows no different. So after some debate, we decided it best to rule out Sully has no issues with gaining weight when forced to eat the calories. So after being nursed normally as I would at home, he is fed through a NG tube which goes down his nose through his throat to his tummy. He has also had a series of other tests and other than some blood in his stool, they have all come back fine so far. We are still waiting on some, but really do not expect anything to come from them. I think they are just covering all their bases.

Sullivan also has "Tork" something or other which will require some physical therapy to strengthen the muscles in his neck so that he does not continue to favor one side. Once the doctor pointed that out, we totally noticed he does always hold his head cocked to the right, but we were just so used to him looking that way that we were never concerned. Poor guy. This is something we can work on at home with simple excercises and appointments with a home therapist so that's a good thing.

The main goal now that Picky Porky has proven to us over the last two days that yes, he can gain weight - over half a pound in fact, is to teach him to use a cup or bottle. So far, it hasn't gone well at all, so we're exploring our options and trying to do some "Lactina" as well. Google it. I'm too exhausted...

If those things don't work, then Jared and I have some bigger decisions to be made. They have begun talking to us about teaching us to insert the NG tube. When I asked the doctor if it was possible to put it in wrong he said, "You will know. He will turn blue and stop breathing because it will be in his lungs. I have only has a few parents not recognize this and begin a feeding into the lungs. Now that is bad." I'm thinking, great that would be me. Lovely, I know. It's kinda scary to think about when you didn't go to medical school. The other choice is to have a GI put in that is surgically placed in his tummy semi-permanantly until he takes a cup. This would be easier to deal with long term, but is riskier as it involves surgery, risk of infection, and a myriad of other things.

The goals tomorrow are to start teaching him to feed normally with his speech patholigist, to work on his neck issues, and to potentially learn how to put in a NG tube.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." ~ Phil.4:13

Please pray for Picky Porky and his Chunky Mama. She's whipped.

All settled down after 1st insert of NG

Baby Blues

All tuckered out after ripping NG out and then having it put back in. You knew what was going on then and were not a happy camper! Then we had to put hese lil' restaints on. So sad!

I've alomst forgotten it's there now!

Sleeping peacfully -finally!

Bathtime! Now you're starting to like all this extra attention! Mommy at your instant beck and call, pretty nurses, and lots of wires to pull on.

Peace out dudes!

I got pretty sick of my four walls so the nurse let Mommy give me stoller rides in the halls on my floor. I'm pretty popular with the ladies.

My fan club surprised Mommy and I and came to visit when we were so sad and lonely.

Mommy bought me a pig so I can "pork up." I love it. It's super soft, but Daddy's not so sure cause' it's pink. But Mommy says they don't make blue pigs, and she was sure I needed a pig. Mommy's pretty sure I like him. His name is Porky too. But Mommy says I have to work on the Picky part of my name so I have to go to bed so I can work hard tomorrow.
Goodnight Fan Club!