Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catching you Up

Messy Mouths

Sophie loves her crackers and bologna!
Harrison loves his sister's pink stroller. Silly guy!

I was able to help out at Brady's school with the fitness testing for a few hours last month, and had fun. It's so nice that he still loves his mama to show up at school. He gave me a shy dimply grin when he saw me. :)

Go Brady, go!

Maddie's Art Debut

I love these pics and reall yneed to get some in frames around the house and some to some of you out there!
My big sis has taken a liking to photography and obvoiusly has an eye for it. She has gotten some beautiful pics of my children and I think you all should check her out. Just sayin'... She's willing to travel to these parts. Here's her website.

This sweetie is quite the artist too, and it's time to make her day.

Please leave her a comment and join her fan club as well. This has meant the world to her big sis, and her mama. Thanks guys! It really doesn't take much to make a child's day. :) They are so precious!

Here's her website: