Saturday, June 12, 2010

My LIfe in a Nutshell


And messes.
And a whole lot a love that can't be captured on film.

Austin Turns 6

Well, he did a good six weeks ago now, but who's really keeping track?

He spent some time in the morning riding his new yellow bike he picked out. And in the Rain! What a mom won't do on a kid's birthday!

An idea was born...

This was absolutely my "most favoritist" cake I've ever done. It sorta looks hard, but if you can make a pile, you can do it! I loved it, and so did he!

Keilah Grace and Ruthie. 2 peas in a pod... I sometimes think of Grace when I see them together. It makes me smile and a tiny winy bit sad all at the same time.

They got such a kick out of climbing all over Ronald. Till we were told to get off... Seriously. Not climb on Ronald at playland?

Austin's good buddy Elias. Aren't they dashing?

The long awaited present time!

So cute, so happy, so growing up way too fast!

We love you Austin Bennet and are so proud of you. You learned to read this year and are an amazing math student. The things your mind comes up with... I love that you still love to cuddle and need to be tucked in every night. I hope this year proves to be no different. My biggest prayer for you is that you will trust the Lord Jesus as your personal Saviour one day soon, and desire to serve Him completely holding nothing back.


This is my sweet friend Shelby. She drove my children to school every day this year, and I can't thank her enough for it. She relieved so much stress and work for me and all with harldy a second thought on her part. The kids all adore her, and her cheerful spunky personality. Thank-you once again, Shelby, for being a willing servant to our family this year. We hope you are blessed ten fold.
Ps. Suzanne, my other neighbor and good friend, brought my kiddos home each and every day, but managed to escape from being captured on film. I don't know what I would do without you in my life. I would have to stock my own eggs that's for sure! Thank you for all you do for our family! We love you!

Jared's Belated Birthday

Ok. I know a ridiculous amount of time has passed since Jared's birthday, but I wanted to post anyway because, well, a ridiculous amount of time has passed since I've blogged much about anything.

Here's the stash of sweet homeade goodness from the kiddos. Can't market that Hallmark!

Thirty-Three years! Can't you tell by the candles? I splurged this year and bought a DQ cake. I was caked out with all the cakes I made in a ten day period that month!

This is our Pastor, Tim and his wife Beth, and their cute offspring. They are wonderful friends and are a huge blessing in our lives.

Daddy with all his offspring!