Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Keilah Grace's Rise to Stardom

Keilah Grace with Picky Porky the morning of her performance.
The Bars!


Waiting in line to show off her jumps on the long tramp!


Ta Da!

We had such fun the past couple of months watching you learn new tricks and try new things. A part of you began to creep out that we didn't know was there. Your competetive side! Yay for my girl! We can't wait to see what you learn this summer! Reach for the stars my Keilah Grace!

Update on Picky Porky

Picky Porky isn't so picky anymore!

After 3 weeks, he is a whole 3 pounds plus bigger than he was when he was admitted to the hospital. Now if only I could lose a pound a week! Ha! After spending over $100 at Walmart on bottles, nipples, formula, juice, and sippycups, our lil' booger decided to take a Playtex Bottle of apple juice and moved on to whole milk, followed by formula mixed in with the cow's milk to completely switch over within a couple of weeks. We are so thrilled, and thankful to have so many options these days. This could have turned out differently once upon a time, and I'm more grateful knowing this. God is good.

Now our lil' man won't stop eating. Last night he had garlic bread and spaggetti meat. What a few weeks will do! He now knows what it feel like to be hungry again and likes to be full! So he's definetely keeping us posted!

Here are the last few hospital pics before we went home to our rigorous schedule of 5 hours a day of feeding tubes, not to include nursing and solid feeds. I'm still trying to catch us up our lives here because of that! I love the one with the baby doll that I had to practice inserting the tube on. They kinda looked alike! HA!

I'll be posting more recent chubby pics soon! Come back and look later!

His way is Perfect

"For you will light my Lamp; the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness. For by You I can run against a troop, By my God I can leap over a wall. As for God, His way is perfect; The word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all those who trust in Him." ~ Psalms 18:28-30

I've felt alone lately in the dark with multitudes of things against me. I have some walls to leap over, and they seem pretty high right now.

But I know I can trust in these next verses in the same chapter.

" For who is God except the Lord? And who is a rock except our God? It is God who arms me with strength, and makes my way perfect.. He makes my feet like the feet of deer, And sets me on my high places." ~ Psalms 18:31-33

Mile Run

The kids were all super pumped for the big mile run at school towards the end of the year.

Lexie had a great time of 8:08. Woo Hoo!

Brady had a fabulous time of 8:46. He scored in the top 15 at school for his division! He was in 9th place overall. That's my boy!

Maddie also scored in the top 15 in 3rd place overall. Her time was 7:34. Oh My Stars. She could get her mama in shape! And in Rocketdogs! Imagine if she actually had real running shoes on!
Maybe we've found our family fun time. The girls and I hope to run another 5k in July! Think they'll beat me?

Happy Birthday Sophie Claire!

2 years ago, you stole our hearts Sophia Claire and they've never been the same.

You've sucked your thumb from the very start as you can see here, and try as I might, I've never been able to talk you into a nuky. Poor me.

You make us laugh daily with your "I'm not cwazy! You cwazy!"

You are a busy little girl and are always trying to keep up with the big kids!

You have a crazy side and don't seem to be afraid of much except the choo choo train that blares it's horn every day around here. You are deathly afaid of that and come running every time! Poor thing!

You throw yourself into a "cartwheel" and somersault when the girls do gymnastics and think you're pretty hot stuff.

You can say anything you want to now and choose if you say anything at all. You are very stubborn and can be kind of demanding, but I fear you have to be that way around here to get a word in edgewise.

My round plump baby girl. I don't know what happens, but they all start to wither away into skinny minnnies shortly after they are born, but I do grow nice round ones initially!

You were so excited about your puppy wrapping paper!

My 1st Bundt cake that actually turned out! I used the cake toys from her baby shower cake.


Sophie totally does this cheesy ham face when asked to smile. She really thinks she is smiling.... so it makes it so funny.

She opened this gift and said, "Monkeys!" It was so adorable. She was so expressive with all her gifts.

Sophie's first dolly, a Bitty Baby.

Sophie loves her puppies too just like her big sis!

I found this steal after Christmas at CVS and had to get it. It was only $1.99! It was originally $20. Pat. Pat.

Harrison lovin' the pink stroller as well.

Sophie loaded up her goods and went a strollin'!

Sophie says cheese for us!

She is trying so hard to smile for the camera here! Silly girl of ours!

Mother Daughter Tea

Our church hosted a Mother Daughter Tea this year around Mother's Day and it was so much fun!

The girls and I were asked to sing, and Maddie bowed out immediately. Ha! Keilah Grace did such a great job practicing, but when it came down to crunch time it was a no go. Ha! Lexie on the other hand came through like a trooper and did such a nice job singing a solo. We sang, " Goodnight Kiss" by Steve and Annie Chapman. I've always loved that song and would often sing it to my babies over the years as I rock them.

Grandma Joni was still here and Auntie Jenn surprised the girls and showed up!

"Goodnight Mama, I sure do love you."

Jenn with Joni

My stage shy girl before she was stage shy.

Sweet friends, Shelby and daughter Bella

Sunday morning with Auntie Jenn - Go figure - we've got criers!

1st Piano Recital

The eager listeners - even Grandma Joni came!

She was all smiles until about the middle of the recital when she continually said, "This is bowen."

This girl pulled it off, which is miracualous because she did not feel the need to practice much the week before. Anything but the Indian Song that is. Have you ever heard the Indian Song? Sullivan cries whenever they play it. It really is kinda scary.

Alexis did wonderful and insisted on ringlets that night which took FOREVER!

Mrs. Tomhave with the girls

Blurry sisters

I can't believe this is my child and this is his plate. Who are his parents and why weren't they supervising his choices?

Thanks for coming to our very 1st piano recital Grandma! It made the night extra special. Oh Ya! Daddy bought us both pretty roses in our own vases with cards. Pink for Alexis and orange of course, for Madeline!
We are proud of your 1st year girls and hope you continue to work hard and are able to use this for the Lord one day!