Saturday, June 26, 2010

Le Tour De Floure

Side of the house behind the garage

Tiger Lillies

Lilac Bush

Belle Flowers

Snow on the Mountain

More Daylillies

My lone Mother's Day flower from church

Beloved Annabelle Hydrangas

I did pansies for the first time this year in pots.
I love my tried and true impatients.

We cracked out the mailbox landscaping. It kinda looks like a heart. I put painted daisies and mums in the mix up there.

My garage pots. I love the lil' daisies admist all my pink and purple.

The east side by the garage...
Mostly Hostas, a Clematis, and some Peonies.

The west side...
Future gladyolas, daylillies, and a few other odds and ends I can't remember at the moment. This side is bursting in color at the end of summer!

The front underneath our lilac.
I planted more pansies. They seem to like it there.

Double Knockout Rose.

Family room window in front.
Daylillies and Spirea

Shasta Daisies

Endless Summer Hydranga

Rose bush zoned for tropical areas. zone 7 and above HA! But it came back this year!

The porch view
I'm trying out petunias and so far, I'm not super impressed. I thougt they were supposed to be hardy. When I bought these, they were super full and gorgeous!
I just have my pink geraniums and impatients in the other pots.

Love this baby! We'll see if she comes back next year!

Korean Dwarf Lilac Tree. ]
It smelt amazing!

Sunday Morning Blues

Amazingly, no one is crying in these pictures.

Why is that amazing you ask?

Because it's Sunday morning, and someone is always crying on Sunday morning at our house.

It's also the day they all sleep in, and have to be woke up and drug out of bed.

I mean, isn't that the way it is at your house on Sunday mornings?

Last Day of School

Here's Maddie with her good friend Betsy on the last day of school. They hugged as if they would never see each other again. It was pretty sweet.
The teachers all line up in front of the busses and wave to the children. It's a tradition! It was pretty fun to watch. I think the excitement was contagious!

I missed a shot of Brady with his teacher, but managed to get Alexis with Mrs. Langlie and Madeline with Mrs. Voecks. They rock.

We grabbed McDonald's cones on the way home - another tradition! 49 cents! Can't beat that! What end of school traditions do you all have?

Potty Training #6

I have trained 5 children to be toilet trained thus far.

Girls and Boys.

I have a few ideas and opinions on the matter.

None of which seem to mean anything with #6.

Harrison has informed us he wants to be a baby forever.

I want him to be too, but I think they frown on diapers in fith grade.

I'll ket you know.

Although he enjoys reading his special potty books and now sits there without being struck with fear, we have not yet mastered any bodily fluid in the potty chair.

Sophie has even peed on the potty chair for heaven's sake!

I will admitt, she cried when the chair started singing under her lil' bottom. She was terrified!

Harrison moved from his choice of pink potty throne to puppy when dad feared the pink throne was not fit for his "unmentionables."

Oh dear. The things a mother has to think about with boys...

Baseball Nights

Monday and Wednesday evenings are full of baseball for our family right now. The boys both play T-ball and are having a great time with it.

Brady gave us a laugh the first night as he went up to bat and scuffed his feet a bit in the dirt and then proceeded to spit before he whapped the ball. Hmmmm. Like father like son hey?

Austin slides into every base regardless of whether or not he really needs to. We think he just likes the sensation of doing something heroic. What boy doesn't I guess.

The rest of us sip on our drinks and snack on our picnic supper some nights and generally create a rucus climbing the fences or neighbor man. Thanks Craig! Lexie can be found with a book quite often and I'm usually chatting with friends unless I need to be screeching cheers for the boys.

Grandma came a couple of weeks ago and helped make the trek to the park and cheered them on as well. Thanks Grandma, we miss you!

I realize I have zero pictures of number one son Brady. I'll have to work on that next week! Enjoy your summer evenings. They are going by way too fast for me!

Stitches for Sophie

Yep, our Sophie girl got her a new set of stitches a couple of weeks ago. She tripped while walking around our basement playing house with the other kiddos. She hit her head on the treadmill base, and whammo, I knew. You sorta get good at knowing after a while. When you can count layers of skin, like the epedermis and so on, it's usually a go for the ER. This time it was only three - a far cry from Maddie's feat a few months back, thank goodness. These aren't the best pics, but you can still see it near the far left upper corner of her forehead by her hairline. Thank goodnessfor bangs. At this rate, she won't have a choice. She already has a scar on her right side as well, from her fall down the steps around Christmas. Silly girl, we love you scars and all.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Garage Sale

I had my annual garage sale and amazingly survived. Thanks to much help from several friends, it was up and ready when the doors were opened.

I almost bailed at the last minute due to some super stressful times over here at the Rivers house, but the Lord was faithful, and provided help for me and even a few laughs. Thank-you Suzanne, Craig, Trish, Stacy, Tracy, Kirsti, and Lindsay. I owe you. Big time. I'll come to all your sales.

And thanks to the same people, I sold some stuff too. Funny how that works.

I raided my neighborhood too and found me some good deals. I got a new pink bike for myself for 32 buckaroos and this lil' mini horse for $4. The kids love it, and have been riding ever since. Brady got his school tennies for $4. They are Addidas and look brand new to me after a whirl in my machine. :) I supplemented the little girls clothing and almost found myself a pair of Keens for them for $10. So sad. Too big for one, too small for another...

What good deals have you come across this summer at garage sales?