Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Girl's Weekend

Well, I know it's taken me FOR-EVER, but I'm finally getting around to putting these on for you all.

My trip to Witchita was a blast and so much fun! Reconnecting with old friends who know you inside out is like coming home. Your soul relaxes enough to recognize safety and opens up and blooms and we were able to share our latest joys and heartaches with each other. And it was safe... No judgement. No fakeness. Just being real with other Christian women who have imperfections, insecurities, hurts, fears, and above all else a desire to do the right thing in the end so their Savior can be glorified. It's not always easy and at times I'm sure been awkward, but surely and gently these women have pointed my heart towards Christ the last 17 years or so, and I find myself truly grateful and blessed to have them in my life. Thank-you for stretching me and causing me to look outside my own four walls Allison, Becca, and Anna. I love you forever friends.

Saturday Morning: Bring the Girl's Weekend on!

Becca and Sullivan giving their opinion at my all time favorite store, Cato. Wish I had one of these in town! But maybe it's good for my pocketbook!

Chillin' out at home where we had lots of visiting time sometimes hours at a time!
I had envisioned spending a bit more time outside, but it was so hot! Between 98-102! I was literally sweating before I got my seatbelt buckled to go anywhere! I knew Kansas was warm, but I had no idea!

Sullivan rather enjoyed his personal enslavement of three women. He was all smiles most of the weekend!

Shopping debut, here we come!

Ok. I know it might seem strange, but this is a grocery store and it was AWESOME! THe food was absolutely amazing! It's a high end grocery slash Target kind of store with everything from groceries to furniture. I'm hungry just thiinkign about my super duper huge salad with any kind of topping you can imagine. This put Ruby Tuesday to shame!

In this bright array, I managed to find great lamps for my bedroom complete with shades for $42. For both. Not thrift store prices, but absolutely cheaper than Target or Walmart and I puffy heart them. Sneak peek later!

Here they are in line with them. They have deep chocolate brown satin shades and a oil rubbed bronze base.

Up next: Unforgettable pedicures complete with hot rocks massage. I loved that!

They insisted on getting their hands done. I rather thought the "American motiff" was a bit tacky. Ha!

Dinner at Ya -Ya's

Thanks for treating us Allison! The food and ambiance was a!mazing

Becca's Asparagus Pizza

My pork chop with spinach greens and an unreal potato which by the way they did not call potato... I guess it was too fancy for that.

Allison's sea bass

Rebecca being all camera hoggish.

Look at those pipes girls!
Really, it was so much fun to dress up for dinner and go out on the town. When you don't get out of your pj's some days, this really is a highlight!

My college roomy to be... But alas, the Lord had different directions for us both.

Can you guess who's toes are who's?

Silly man - only nursing babies allowed!

Allison lecturing us on the importance of ???

Thanks. Alot. Revenge on the horizon ladies?

More yummy food from Doc Greens, a cool local favorite full of fresh fast specialty sandwiches, salads, and full entrees.

Tully Wully cheesin' for the camera again.

Makin' eyes at Becca

What flirts!

Allison's hubby Chad cooked a wonderful meal for us and cleaned up too. You rule Chad!

Hungry Mamas!

Allison's floor is so much cleaner than my mama's!

Super Duper Yummy Salad with Feta Cheese
Steamed Vegies of all sorts seasoned to perfection
Garlic Mashed Potatos - Bestill my beating heart.
Chicken with an amazing breaded crust and topped with a cheesy tomato sauce
Vanilla Ice Cream with homemade fudge topping
I miss you Chad!

Lunch at a local pizzaria - We split one and it was so good!
It was so hot again, but soooo good!

Alas, a bathroom adventure only a true friend would ever endure. Thanks Al. If it weren't for you and the Tide pen.... It would have been bad!

Almost home Sully Wully! You were a pretty good flier for a baby...
What will the next two years bring us girls? Only the Lord knows, but I'm glad we're on our adventure of life together!
Next up: Fargo/Moorhead
What shall we do? Give me ideas. I'm hostessing next time!

I am Not Ashamed to Admitt...

I want a tu-tu.

I want it to be green.

And I want a flower in my hair too.

But since the general public frowns on that at 32,

I'll live vicariously through Keilah Grace.

Happy Birthday to Me

Imagine my surprise when the garage door opened last week and the kids yelled, "Surprise!" from the back seats.

This baby was sitting in the garage all purty looking when I got home from my girl's weekend.

I've been wanting these ladies for a long time.

I puffy heart them Jared. Thank-you.

Can't you just see me after a long run sipping my iced tea in the evening breeze?

Come on over and check out their coziness and I'll make you some of that tea and we can drool over my Southern Living magazine together !