Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Here Comes Nena and Grandpa

Nena and Grandpa Doug came in for a visit a few weeks ago. We enjoyed them immensely, but only got to have them around for a couple of days so we just soaked them in as much as we could!

Nena was so great about climbing in that backseat to hang with the girls! And for those who don't know, it's not easy even for a skinny minnie!

Lindenwood park made a great picnic stop after gymanstics where we ate Taco Shop! Yummy - it's a famous local place.

Baseball bums - It was hot!

Welcome Dinner: Grilled steak, baked potatoes, salad, and garlic bread

Couch Potatoes

We had "cheese party" for lunch, a childhood tradition I loved. It consists of fruit, vegies, crackers, meats and cheeses all cut up into bite size peices. We had this almost every Sunday night as a kid, and then we would watch the Sunday night movie on TV.

Keilah Grace made a puppy out of her plate's choices.

Nena feeding Sully

Swim Stuntman Austin

Maddie hurt in the line of tricks

Daddy watching the show

The crazy and wild stuntsman!

Grandpa and Sophie looking on from the porch...

My Sophie girl!

Sillyhead loved to splash in the leftover pool water we poured out into the grass.

Awwwwee... Cuteness.

Loaded up their plates for Enchilades!


Whose kids are these anyway?

Icecream story with Grandpa Doug. He told me this every time we had icecream growing up. I love it that he tells my children now....
Good times.... More later!

Grandpa and Me

Sullivan meets Grandpa. I think the pictures say it all.

Gymnastics Take 2

The proud onlookers!
The girls got to show off their new and improved skills for Parent's Day last month and Grandpa and Nena were able to be there too! Good job girls; keep up the hard work! Those cartwheels have come along way baby!

Austin's Last Game

Grandpa and Nena were able to join us for a T-ball game while they were here and Austin was sure excited to show off his stuff!

We're all done for the season now. You've improved and even got a some good plays in along with a couple of home runs buddy. We love to cheer for you! Keep hitting hard!

Maybe next year your pants will stay up without you having to hold them up as you run around the bases. One can hope right?

Burn Victim

Alexis was helping me out a few weeks back and was told to get the kids all a poptart for breakfast. I was running around trying to to get the kid's outfits ready for church as Jared was called out to work last minute.
Well, she decided to put them in the microwave for some reason, and burnt herself on the inside jelly as she was getting it out of the microwave. I heard her scream and when I came up she already had it in the sink with cold water running over it. She was so brave, but she did ended up having to go in and have it bandaged at the clinic and they told us she had a 2nd-3rd degree burn. It did turn black eventually, but has healed quite well. She does a few stretching excercises to prevent the scar tissue from causing mobility issues and Lord-willing won't need any further treatment after our last check-up.

Note to Moms: This is quite common apparently with POPTARTS according to the doc, so be careful to warn your children!

9 Months and Counting

Our little man is 9 months!

His sisters got a hold of his head here and did him all up purty. I'm sure he'll get them back so don't worry!

He doesn't stay on his blanket long anymore when playing cause' he's too busy vaccumming up my floors goodies from last night's supper. Yikes! He's officially a scoocher girlfriends.

Sullivan discovered the swings at the park and just loves them!

He doesn't seem to mind the grass or concrete either. Whatever he is on - he is on the move, and doesn't let the surface slow him down!

Sully loves buggy rides and gets plenty of them as Lexie and Maddie can take him down the sidewalk a bit now with our permission.

He's got a few tricks of his own!

Awwwwe. I love this face!

One of his first wagon rides... He really did have a good time although here he looks rather scared.
You are continuing to gain weight and at last check you were 17.8 pounds. Woo Hoo Porker!
You love all food including leftovers on the floor. Eewww.
You have an obsession with the toilets white circle thingys at the base. Double yuck!
You are continuing to nurse, but slowing down at only three or so times a day. Kinda sad...
You wave back at us now! I knew you were secretly brilliant.
I love you Sully Wully! Can't wait to see what you surprise us with next month!