Friday, July 30, 2010

A Decade

Alexis, I will never forget how excited I was to be your Mommy and how thankful I was to the Lord for allowing me to carry you in my tummy. I was thrilled beyond what words can express, and adored you from the moment I met you face to face.

You lit up our lives instantly and began giving orders even then in the delivery room. You knew what you wanted and weren't shy about letting everyone know.

You loved me and only me, and I loved you right back. I didn't know it wasn't "normal to get up 15 times a night with a baby till Madeline came along. HA!

You smiled at 2 weeks and haven't stopped ever since. You are the most expressive child we have and it warms our hearts and gives us fuzzies on the inside.

You are caring, compassionate, helpful, forgiving, funny, smart, snuggly, and would still let me rock you to sleep if I wanted to.

I'll always love you Punky Rama!

"You're my little girl, You're the one that I created..." That's our song for you babe!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Room Redo - Take 2

Ok. The lighting is ridiculously bad, but I love their new room layout.

It opened up their room a ton, and now I feel the painting gets the attention it deserves above their bed.

Like it Kim??

We're still in love!

The Redo - Take 1

Keilah Gace and Sophie have some new digs.

Any painting ideas Kim? (Note the dot's.)

They need a name canvas too!

Ignore furniture.

Plan to paint this fall and do it all up purty so it looks old and dung up.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Got to enjoy this beauty and reminder of God's precious promise last week.
We tried to find the end to "see" if we could find the pot of gold, but it just kept getting farther away from us.

I'm A Big Kid Now

Go ahead.

Sing the Huggies theme song.

"I'm a big kid now!"

It just doesn't sound the same unless you sing it.

Somehow, they grow up overnight once you put them in a real bed.

It's kinda bittersweet...

My Fancy Nancy's

Pretty is as pretty does!

Sizzlin' Summer Slide

Our neighbors have this awesome new waterslide and are kind enough to share with our big crew so this has kept them quite occupied a few times this summer! Thanks Craig and Suzanne!
Alida and Alexis

Hunter and Brady

Keilah the ham

Who has their father's hairline?

Joshua cracks us up - LITERALLY! (Ha! Private Joke!)

Brady and Asutin make faces with their cones!

Sittin' sweet with Daddy.

I Love This Face

Nough said.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pioneer Village

My babies went to their first summer camp last week.

It was hard to say goodbye.

We were trusting strangers to take care of our children (gulp.) 11 hours away.

But they went, and Maddie led the way, excited and not as timid as Lexie who also happened to be gone for her birthday. (Sniff.)

We prayed for them to have a fun time, make new friends, be safe, and above all else for the Lord to work in their lives.

Bible camp had been very instrumental in both of our lives and we wanted a similar experience for our children.

The girls came home with many funny stories, songs, cheers, and tales of the "Liquidator" (a water slide going into the lake), and the Zip Line. Glad I wasn't there to watch that one!

The most thrilling thing this week is that the Lord spoke to Alexis's heart, and showed her she was not saved, and hadn't fully understood salvation.

We had always wondered, not fully having peace as parents knowing there was never any spiritual truth in what she would tell us about her salvation. But we just waited, prayed, and knew God would reveal Himself in His time either way.

So on July 20th, the day after Alexis turned 10, she confessed her sins, and in her words, "realized it wasn't just asking someone into your heart, but confessing with your mouth that You were a sinner, and that I needed to ask Jesus to forgive me and save me."

Simply precious.

And since the highlights of alot of our days are shared here on this blog, I couldn't think of anything sweeter to share with you.

We have seen sweet changes in our girl, and are so grateful to the Lord for keeping our daughter's heart soft to the truth of God's Word.

Thank-you Jesus for saving her soul.

Thank-you Jesus for making her whole.

For more information on Northland Bible Camp click here: