Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reaching Capacity

What do 2 pink stripes and the number 11 mean for our 12 passenger van?

We'll be getting close to capacity sometime this March!

We are overwhelmed with the Lord's goodness!

Isaiah 55:8

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways," says the Lord.

"For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And my thoughts than your thoughts."

We are resting in this knowledge and grateful He has a special plan for this precious new life in our family.

There's nothing like knowing you're reaching capacity! Ha!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Love Summer

Summer makes me happy.
It's my favorite season by far.
I'm a southern girl at heart stuck in a northern state, so I eat up the months of summer and try and savor all it has to offer in it's short stay here.
We love watermelon and all its' juiciness.
Cute baby boys in homemade shortalls enjoying the green grass.

Swimmin' in the backyard pool.

Watering my flowers and watching their progress over the summer.

Baseball watchin' with the family.

Faces covered in smores.

Popsicles on a hot afternoon.

Grandparents visiting.

Smocked summer shortalls.

Storms a brewin'.
These are just a few of my favorite things about summer. Here's the rest of the short list.
Grandma Joni's Potato salad.
Going to the lake.
Feeling the sand in between my toes.
Evening runs.
Smelling freshly cut grass.
Grilling all.the.time.
Orange Julius's
Family vacation.
Any weather above 75 degrees.
Chatting with the neighbors in the yard.
Flipping through Southern Living on my new Adrionack chairs.
And last, but definetely not least, iced tea!
What do you love about summer? I want to know!

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Madeline loves to do her nails and she bought herself some pretty cute "girly" nails. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree here does it?

Jam Makin'

The girls and I tried our hands at some jam makin' earlier this summer.

We tried strawberry rubarb freezer jam and it was super good, not too mention, super easy to make.

I just cut up 6 cups of rubarb and let it soak for about 7 hours with sugar over it.

Thanks for the rubarb Crystal!

After bringing to a boil for about ten minutes, then I added one can of strawberry pie filling and let it come to a boil again. Then add 1 6oz. pkg. of strawberry jello stirring until dissolved. Pour directly into jars. This recipe made about 6 pints.

I just love sparkly jam glistening in the sunshine in a windowsill.

In Memory of...

We gather here together to sadly remember the tramp, our beloved trampoline.

The fighting, I mean hours of fun and excercise it provided for our offspring was endless.

Even the neighbor boy cried when he saw its' cruel dark death... by the railroad tracks.

We are accepting donations to replace our beloved tramp in the name of the Rivers children at State Bank and Trust.

~ Just kidding! Ha!

The County Fair

We headed out to the fair last month during the freebie hours of the county fair. It turned out to be a fun, but hot day of entertainment for all.

We checked out all the exhibits including John Deer's tractors of course. I found a mini of this one at a used resale shop for ten dollars. Some snake, I mean lady grabbed it before I could get to it. Ha! They obviously had no idea these things sell for over a couple hundred bucks when you've got John Deere on it. Oh well, we have enough bikes to park as it is.

Brady enjoyed the hay maze from a vertical point. Isn't he getting big?
Me Gurlz!

The Dinosaur exhibit was fun for everyone but Sullivan!

Digging for bones!

Sophie pets a newborn chick.

Sullivan all tuckered out from heat exhaustion!

My boys getting ready for the motorcycle show!

Keilah Grace on the carasol.

My boys chose car rides of course.

Maddie chose a "big kid" ride. She's definetely our bravest child by far -willing to do anything. Austin would've been with her of course, but his height got in the way.
It was a fun afternoon and Daddy even got to join us later in the day.


My Grandma passed away right before the fourth of July and Jared bought these for me. They graced our table for over a week and we all got a kick out of the red water everyday!

Lexie's 1st Slumber Party

We had nine sweet girls including Lexie and Maddie over to celebrate Lexie's 10th birthday. She's been wanting a slumber party for what seems like forever, so I thought it might be a good birthday for it. She hasn't had a party since she turned 6, so this was pretty monumental. And although there was not much slumbering for anyone including myself, it was alot of fun for all and I'm glad she found her way through this "right of passage" so to speak. I am thankful for sweet girls who have developed a friendship with my girls and am excited to see where the Lord brings them all as they grow up.

She chose a pool party theme and from the games to the food, it was an all beach get out!

This game was totally tubular! Ha!

The birthday girl in all her glory...

Musical Towels proved to be a big hit!

This relay was hilarious to watch!

Hawaiian pizza for dinner of course...

My other little sweet pineapple.

The girls sported their leas and made beach hats and bracelets.

Lexie's Sunshine snack

A little added protein later...

We played spin the bottle before opening each present which was a fun way to do it.

More beading!

Instead of cake, Lexie chose these pudding sand cups - ignore my pitiful palm trees!