Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spectacle Lake

This is what we woke up to every morning. Ahhhhh... Jealous yet?

Seriously, it was a lovely week full of many memories that will last us a lifetimewith pictures to boot. Alot of em'. Beware.

Sophie and Sullivan hung out here and played with the assortment of toys stashed away for kids at the lake.

We were outside from morning till evening and whipped and in bed by 10pm. Keeping up with this brood is exhausting!
Look at these adorable squishy faces!

Lexie got into fishing along with the other kids.

KG got her some swing time with just Daddy and I think they both enjoyed their "alone time."

Brady could usually be found on the dock swishing his net around fishing for his dream catfish. He did catch some other fish that week and soon got over his fear of holding the slick boogers.

Jared caught this conversation one morning while they were waiting patiently to go down to the water.

Brady sure does love his little brother!

They lived in their suits that week!

Alot of ice cream was consumed that week. Alot.

Sully wasn't too sure what to think about the boat rides at first, but soon warmed up to the sunshine and wind blowing on his face.

We did alot of cheering for tubers, skiers, and wake boarders that week!

Daddy and Sully driving the boat!

Funny Face Hair Bear

Brady's pride and joy!

One of many bowls of cereal. You'll have to ask the kids about the bugs in it one day. I don't think I have the stomach to write about it.

Top of the morning to you Keilah Grace!

Squinty Sully

Relaxed and Energized!

Snack time - Boy, did I pack alot of food. Alot. of. Food.

Baked and Crispy!

Jared grew up on this lake where his grandparents used to live so I think it was extra special for him to share that with us as a family.

My Water Babies!

Smore City! That is 1 marshmallow my friends. Uno.

All Done!

Rankin Plus Rivers

Equal 1 Busy Week!

We invited Dustin, Becca, and their two precious girls, Karis and Gabi along with Becca's sister Faith, to the lake for the latter part of the week. It was far from relaxing for anyone as 10 children plus water consists of constant supervision and there were still meals to be made and lil' bums to be changed, but we did manage to have a lot of fun in the process. Faith was a huge help to us all. What I would do for one of you Faith! :)

Gabi and Sophie got along splendidly - at a distance and did their toddler thing - flashing smiles, and then regaining their own territorries shortly thereafter. HA! They are both firecrackers. We'll see what comes of these two as they get older. You gotta love Gabi's full head of ringlets and Sophie's ummmm... sparser patches of hair.

Here's Faith all ready and rearin' to get up on skis for the first time. She was an old pro and got up after only 3 tries! Then she even crossed the wake! Wow! She tubed and was such a good sport about trying new things. Go Faithers!

Karis tubed and made alot of progress that week getting more comfortable around water. She loves the busyness of the kids and got along great with Keilah Grace this year. Which of course, is a huge feat in itself because if you're not hairy and have four legs, it's pretty much up in the air as to whether or not Keilah Grace will be your friend.

The kids all adore Faith and hover for her attention!

The boat rides were hot that week! We went on a pontoon ride late one afternoon and took a slower tour of the lake.

These bugaboos are about 5 months apart.

Dustin helped to man the fire pit for our marshmellow fest!

I think Karis liked her very first monster smore!

These two are so sweet to each other. I hope our girls have as great of a relationship one day. Faith has been a huge help to Becca and her servant's heart is a blessing to all that watch.
We hope you had as much fun as we did Rankin family. We love you, and pray getting away - even as crazy as it was, was an encouragement to your tired souls.

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Day With Family

Well, actually two days, but it was so nice to see family again as it's been since Christmas since we'd seen any of Jared's extended family. It's crazy I know, since we're only 3 1/2 hours away, but life gets in the way I guess. We had a great time though, and ate lots of yummy food together, laughed, and of course, enjoyed the lake.

Tom and Jared - Could they get any closer??

Grandma made us laugh so hard with all her ideas about marrying again. She's hilarious I tell you! Makes you realize one is always young at heart.

Mary and Janice make the best fruit salads and vegie trays around.
And Janice has thee most delectable dip ever. I'm kinda hungry now just thinking about it.
Suzy is known for her amazing pies and salads.
Maybe all these people and their amazing cooking is why I'm so much rounder these days! HA!

Jerry grilled for us that day and we had some super hamburgers and hot dogs.

The Goetze Spread - one of a kind!

Made by yours truly. And it was tasty! Member this recipe Ann?

Great Grandma got DQ for the kids! Thanks Great Grandma!

We laughed a good chunk that afternoon didn't we Tom, Mandy, Jenn, and Tina?

All lined up like sardines!

Ethan is a super duper fisherman!

The Boat Chauffer

The Boat's Passengers

It was girls versus the boys!

Bring it on!

Mandy braved the tube with Keilah Grace, a newbie.

It was such a fun weekend with some of our favorite people. We love you family!